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A Dog's Bark

December 01, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 136

The dog started barking again. "God damn dog, what time is it?""Three thirteen am Gerry, go back to sleep." "How can I with that dog yapping off every night", Gerry grumbled to his wife. "He's just protective." "Protecting us from what? He barks at the bloody wind".

Gerry got comfortable again, and there was complete silence in the house, all but the light whistling of the wind.

Minutes passed, with nothing but the light whistling; til the noise grew, a gust of wind whistling under the door.

Lucy opened her eyes, and looked around the room, seeing nothing but the darkened silhouettes of their bedroom.

Her eyes slowly surveying the room, prying on every corner of the room; to the tele, to the cupboard, to the curtains - there was nothing. She felt goosebumps on her lower legs. And within seconds the thrill ran up her entire body.

"Gerry." she whispered, "Gerry wake up. Please wake up.""-what, what the hells the matter?" Gerry grovelled half asleep. "I'm scared.""Okay, well don't be." "C'mon Gerry, please. I'm being serious." "Look everything is fine, don't worr-"

Gerry was interrupted by the yapping of the dog down stairs.

"Argh, flipping thing!" Gerry hissed.

This time it was different. The dog wasn't yapping. The dog was sounding vicious, deeper barks mixed in with a violent growl.

"...Gerry, I'm scared."

"Everything is fine, honest." Gerry's voice trailed off, his eyes darting around the room now, slightly less convinced of his words.

Then silence. Nothing, not the dog, not even the wind.

"See babe, it's fine." Gerry remarked.

Whishshhssssshh, shhhhhhhhhh, hhhhhhhh - A gust of wind blew under the door, much louder than before.

"Did you hear that?" Lucy asked, terror in her voice. "What the wind?" Gerry answered, "the whisper..." Gerry went cold, goosebumps ran up his body, "Don't be silly Lucy, it was the win-"

Whishhhhhhhhhh, Killlllllllllllllllll sssssshhhhhh...

Lucy let out a cry and threw the covers over her face. Gerry was terrified, frozen with terror, his eyes darting all around the room. There was a chill in the room; the kind of chill that struck right to the bone.

Gerry could feel the terror and anger in the room. He felt it. He felt as though he was hated, as though everything he had ever done had caused someone the most excruciating pain. But the room was dead. Everything was still, and there was not a sound.

He lay there motionless for nearly 5 minutes, Lucy still cowering under the duvet.

"Lucy? Lucy? Look its fine, it was just our imagination." Gerry said, after finally gathering the strength to speak. "What the hell heard that thing" She spatted back as quiet as a whisper. "Look nothing has happened, and nothing is here, everything is fine.""But, what was that noise?" "Has to have been the wind, nothing else it could have been." Gerry's confidence had returned, and most of his fears were gone.

He took hold of his wife's hand, and laid calmly in bed. He closed his eyes, and thought of sleep.

CRACK. The door frame cracked and splintered...

I do not have a blog or link to redirect anyone to, but feed back would be nice! I am in the process of more articles and I will get a site up after.

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