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Choosing Fragrances According To The Seasons

March 01, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 146

Choosing the fragrance you wear is the same in many ways as the selections you make for your clothing. Making your choice according to the seasons allows the fragrance you wear to bear more of a compliment. Follow these tips for choosing the best scent for the time of year you are thinking about.

You most likely can think of a scent that reminds you of each part of the year. Think about how the rain smells in the late hot days of summer or how the wood smoke smells outdoors in the evening. The fragrance you choose should remind you of the season best to wear it.

The spring is generally evokes images of newborn kittens and the bright green grass. You might think about dandelions blooming in your yard. All of these images have in common a light and new feeling. The fragrance you wear in the spring should also be light and flowery as well. Consider how honeysuckles smell in warm spring air when choosing scents for this time of year.

Most people wear less clothing in the summer. This is the best time to wear lighter scents because you have more skin exposed to put it. However, keep in mind that hot weather can cause you to sweat more. Choose unscented deodorants and lotions to prevent the interruption of your perfume. In hotter temperatures, you might consider placing some of your fragrance on your clothing to prevent the loss of it due to sweating.

The late summer brings along with it the craving for autumn. Autumn might make you think about pumpkin pie or the warm colors of the leaves on trees. This is the time of year to wear wool sweaters and flannel shirts, so choosing a slightly stronger fragrance is a good idea. The thicker your clothing, the harder it is for a scent to pass through it.

Spicy, musky scents are the best choices for the fall and winter months. These are the times of year for cuddling and sitting in front of the fire. Think about how you would like to smell when close to the one you love. Warm, sensual scents are the perfect choice for cold weather.

No matter what scent you choose to wear, making sure it is the one most compatible with your body and natural scent is important. Take your time to learn which one works best for you by testing several brands.

Find details about the factors to consider before picking a perfume and view our selection of fine fragrances at now.

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