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Buy Things Online? Remember These 4 Points

May 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 152

E-commerce sites make our life become easier day by day due to the increasing number of features and facilities offered. Now, it's possible to have food supplies delivered to our kitchen while we're still working at the office. We only need to order the things we need online, make the payment, and continue working while waiting for the goods. It also helps shopaholics avoid buying unnecessary things as what usually happened when they go to malls.

Unfortunately, some people misuse the trust of Internets users to online shopping by making fraud sites with the hope that customers will transfer the money and of course they give nothing to them as the return. These cases make some people be afraid in buying things online whereas many e-stores really send the products and give many benefits to customers. Thus, we need to remember 4 crucial things before making the payment.

Credible Site. How do you know the site? Are you recommended by your friends that ever bought things from that site and was satisfied with the service? If it's, you don't need to worry to make the transaction. If you found the site from paper ads or search engines, you need to check the credibility of the site by Googling and reading the customers' reviews about that e-commerce site. When you find many people complain about the products and/or the services, it's a sign for you to cancel your purchase.

Good Stocks. Even though you buy things at a well-known site, ask the product's availability to their online supports before making payments. If there's no online support, send them an email. To make it clear, can you ask for your money back when there's no stock? They prefer to change with similar products that you might not want to have. Or, do you like to wait while they order the products again? Of course, no. If there is COD (Cash on Delivery) option, choose it!

Product/service Reviews.When you buy popular products, you don't need to worry about the quality, especially if it's produced and manufactured by big companies. In contrast, when you buy slimming cream for certain site, you have to read the product's reviews on its site and on the internet to know whether it's safe or not, it's good or not, etc.

Money Back Guarantee. To feel safe when ordering the goods and avoiding frauds, it's better to buy things from credible sites such as Amazon (goods) and ClickBank (e-books) because when you're not satisfied with the products, you can get your money back without long process. If the product you want to buy isn't listed in Amazon or ClickBank, you have to make sure that it's possible to get your money back if bad things happen.

Bear in mind those four points to help you avoiding e-commerce fraud. Enjoy your online shopping and buy only necessary things unless you have bunch of money to spend:p.

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