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How to Synchronize for Simultaneous Orgasms (Advanced - Part 2)

January 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 162

This 2nd part of simultaneous orgasm synchronization "series" is about decelerating the male orgasm. This part is much more difficult than accelerating the female orgasm. Depending on the deceleration level you are trying to achieve, many men are facing a frustrating problem, known as "premature ejaculation". If there is a case of premature ejaculation, then you will need all the help you can get, from simple tips that will help you slow down your orgasm to more drastical methods.

Couples or individuals who are experimenting with such techniques though, may gradually acquire a higher level of controlling their ejaculation, and eventually they may have difficulties having an orgasm, even when they want to... Man's sexuality works in different ways than woman's, and experimenting excessively with his erection or his arousal ability, may be a bad idea. Man's erection is identical with his masculinity -his sexual muscularity- and no one wants to mess with that...

Decelerating the male orgasm

• Talk with your partner; discuss the problem. She might be able to help you. I'll explain. In many cases, women are too passionate from the very start. The way they kiss, talk, move, play, seduce, the innuendos, the suggestions, the foreplay... might be too much for someone to handle. It's not done on purpose, she's just too passionate or you are turned on easily... and you are "done" before you have even started. So, talk to her, ask her to go easier and try to synchronize with each other's pace. For a start, you could try to spend more time warming her up and turning her on. Don't let her stimulate you more than you can handle, unless she is getting too close to climax.

• You can use a condom for a while. A condom may reduce "friction sensitivity" and the stimulation will be less intense. This is very simple and will prolong your duration before having an orgasm.

• There are special creams or pastes that you can apply on your penis' tip, reducing its sensitivity, which will help you to last longer. You can find such creams at pharmacy stores or on the internet. Although the results of such products are temporary, you must consult a doctor first, for the right usage, the ingredients, the side effects, especially if you have allergies, a medical history or you are on medication. Any unusual symptom must not be ignored. This is one (quick) way to last longer that I had to mention, because it's in many experts'/professionals' lists; personally, I wouldn't recommend any use of drugs or chemicals.

• Try some positions with deep penetration, like the woman on top. This position gives her better control of each other's arousal and stimulation. Short horizontal movements (instead of verticals), combined with deep penetration -as she's sitting on top of you, will give her a very pleasurable sense of stimulation, whilst your penis has the minimum friction thus less sensitivity stimulation. You can maximize her arousal by stimulating her clitoris with your thumb or she can do it herself, by rubbing her clitoris on your pubic bone. When she is near to climax, you can ask or guide her to change the movement, from horizontal to vertical, increasing your stimulation, so you may actually have a simultaneous orgasm...

• Another way to decelerate your orgasm is to focus on something irrelevant, something not sexual. Anything that will distract you from excess stimulation, will do. I'm sure you have already made such thoughts as you read these lines... It's like having a non-sexual fantasy... to help you sexually... (Yes, it sounds weird, I know... but it works!)

• If you are too stressed about anything, a small amount of alcohol may be of better help for you to relax, which is important. A SMALL amount of alcohol could be beneficial, relaxing you, but I emphasize on the SMALL amount... Many men will find this as a routine or natural habit for relaxing before having sex. If you are not used to alcohol, then DON'T drink, not a sip... and forget immediately about this tip. A word of caution for your information, alcohol increases the mood for sex, but it reduces your performance. Depending on the alcohol it's been consumed and how much you can handle, other "factors" are reduced also, i.e. your perception, your judgment, your memory, your consciousness, your willingness, your vision,... etc. and eventually, your chances for having an arousal... So, don't drink and... (anything goes here) for your own and other's sake.

• There is also the "pressure/squeeze technique" that can be used for delaying the ejaculation. I will summarize the outlines of this technique, but you can search for more details if you are not covered with this explanation. The technique is simple. When you are feeling that your stimulation is about to excess the point of "no return", you press your penis' head with your fingers and thumb, like squeezing it. The pressure will make your erection to decline. After that, you can start over again. The pros of this technique are that you can practice with your partner on the squeeze technique, learning and letting her do it at the proper time. The cons are that when your erection declines, your partner's shouldn't. So, don't just sit there, squeezing your penis and waiting to "cool off"... Don't make her arousal to decline, too, waiting for you to be ready again. Keep her aroused... Use your hand(s) or your tongue or your brain... to stimulate her, her body, her senses, and her mind. Once you get fully erected again, you can continue (carefully) with penetration (avoid thrusting penetration at the practicing stages; prefer positions with minimum friction/stimulation). "Rinse and repeat" for as long as you both are comfortable with.

• Working as a couple on controlling your orgasms (accelerating or decelerating them), will give you both the advantage of knowing better your partner's signs, the body language signals, that inform you about the stage of his/hers arousal and know when climax is coming. This could be very useful, to any of you who is or will try to synchronize their orgasms. Another simple tip is to masturbate each other -not simultaneously- or watching your partner masturbating, so you can watch out for that signals of pleasure, arousal and climax. Many couples are trying hard for simultaneous orgasms, without ever given the proper attention to their partners' signs. This is a very valuable advice, not to be taken lightly... Knowing your partner's arousal stages/levels, means that you care for him/her..! You have paid attention to what they like, what turns them on and you surely know what to do next... So, as a piece of advice, regardless the orgasm synchronization, do spend some time to discover your partners body language. Whether you are married or going steady or in between relationships, such knowledge is of priceless value to have, as a lover!

• Last but not least tip, are the pelvic floor exercises, also known as "Kegel exercises". Kegel exercises are strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles or the vaginal muscles of the pelvic floor. The results can be beneficial for both men and women, for different cases i.e. pregnancy for women, urinary incontinence for both men and women, etc. Among other benefits, maybe the most well-known is the increment of intensity of the erection and orgasm, as well as the reduction of premature ejaculation. This is not actually a tip, as Kegel exercises take time and effort to develop and strengthen those muscles. For now, let's keep that information in mind and we will discuss further the Kegel exercise benefits, more thoroughly in a future article.

Closing this reference to simultaneous orgasms, putting most of these tips into practice, either for accelerating or decelerating an orgasm, will get you the best results. Another word of caution... any time you feel uncomfortable or stressed of trying, if you don't get the results you anticipate and you're frustrated... stop, take a break, relax. Don't push it. Don't sacrifice your performance and pleasure, 'chasing' simultaneous orgasms. Try again after some time, days or weeks later. If you have managed to have simultaneous orgasms, and these tips worked for you, you may use them for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, etc. to maximize intimacy.

My name is Stelios Serras and I will do my best, to guide, consult, advise and help your steps through the journey of finding real harmony in every aspect of your life... This is what Relations In Harmony is all about.

Life is like a big stage, with us being the performers, but life is not about acting... it's not about hypocritical skills, it's about combining all those different aspects and roles we have and live in harmony, with our-self and with others. Harmony is achievable, if we only "face our daemons" or decide to take the 1st step forward...

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