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Why Getting in Shape Before Doomsday Is Extremely Important

April 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 82

Have you ever watched that show on National Geographic, "Doomsday Preppers". It is a show about real life people who are preparing to survive the apocalypse. Survival experts rate their preparations and they are given a score based on how likely they are to survive. If you have ever seen this show, you know that a great deal of these "preppers" as they are called, are completely overweight and in absolutely horrendous physical condition. This begs the question, how do these people expect to survive doomsday when they look like they are in need of a quadruple bypass.

People preparing for "the apocalypse" are becoming more and more common because the way things are going in the world. But in their preparations, they often over look the importance of being physically fit. If doomsday really did happen and people were forced to leave their homes to "head for the hills" how many of these super out of shape preppers could actually hack it?

If you are forced to leave your home due to some apocalyptic scenario, you are essentially reduced to a refugee. You will need to wander in search of supplies, resources and food. You will need to hunt and gather and be physically fit enough to plant crops, defend yourself and perform a variety of tasks like chopping fire wood or walking long distances.

Most of the people on this show look like they couldn't run a full mile, let alone blaze a trail out into the wilderness surviving off the land. If you really were going to be serious about "doomsday prepping" wouldn't you consider physical fitness a primary aspect of concern?

Instead of all of their elaborate defenses to protect their home, they should be spending some of that money on a treadmill and getting their bodies as prepared as their defenses. After all, you can't expect to always be at home, you will need to eventually go out in search of supplies no matter how well stocked you are. Walking and running won't be options after your fuel supply runs out and tasks like chopping and splitting wood require a certain degree of physical fitness that would be completely overwhelming to an out of shape "prepper".

Developing a daily workout routine should be a critical aspect of preparing for doomsday, your physical body is your best defense and if you are in horrible shape how could you ever expect to last for any length of time anyway?

So my advice to these doomsday preppers is, spend a little time running on a treadmill everyday and it will benefit you even if doomsday never occurs.

If you are the type of person who has all of the gear you need to survive the apocalypse and you are actively preparing for doomsday, you probably want to invest in a treadmill and some workout equipment to keep your body as prepared for survival as your home. You can get some of the best treadmills for under $500, so their really is no excuse not to add this to your survival repertoire. Stay fit and healthy, body, mind and soul it will benefit you no matter what happens!

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