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Using Fragrances

June 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 138

When someone mentions fragrance, we immediately start thinking of a pleasant scent that is nice to smell. Fragrances have been around for a very long time, with primitive perfumery starting out with the burning of gums and resins for incense that was used in spiritual rites in China and Egypt. Fragrance can also be known as aroma and it gets its name from the Greek word "aromata" which describes incense, perfume and spices. Almost everybody uses fragrances everyday, be it in the form of shower gel, soap, perfume or deodorant. The use of fragrances does not only stop at applications to make us smell better, but they can be used to make a room or our homes smell better as well.

All of us shower in the morning so that we are fresh and look cleaner. Soaps and shower gels usually have a scent in them which makes us smell pleasant after a shower. However, this scent cannot last long or throughout the day, therefore many of us apply fragrances such as perfumes and deodorants. Both, deodorants and perfumes give out fragrances however they are applied in a different way. Deodorants are usually body sprays which are applied on the bare body to encourage the feeling of 'freshness'. Perfumes on the other hand are different as they are not applied on the bare body but instead on our clothes. These usually tend to have a longer lasting scent compared to deodorants. However, when we use perfumes of deodorants, we need to select the fragrance that suits us and use it the right way. Firstly we need to take note if the scent is for males or females. Manufacturers produce fragrances which have unique smells for both genders. A female would find the fragrance of a male's perfume attractive, pleasant and vice versa. We should be careful on what fragrance we choose to make sure it is meant for our sex and not the opposite. Also when applying perfumes, spray from a distance as some perfumes have fluid which can leave stains on your clothing if applied directly to it. Applying fragrances can be very advantageous as they can help us establish a good impression on the people we meet.

The use of fragrances is not only limited to making us fragrant, but we can even use them to make our homes smell pleasant. Manufacturers constantly produce different types of products that we can use to make our homes free from stinky smell. Some examples of such products can be room sprays, air-fresheners or aroma candles. A candle night dinner with your spouse at home can be made more romantic by using aroma candles. These come in a variety of fragrances and sizes to make your evening all the more beautiful. Air sprays as the name would suggest are basically like deodorants but they are not applied onto the human body, but instead sprayed around inside the room to make it smell nicer. Air-fresheners come in containers and can be left open to provide a soothing fragrance to the room. Just like how perfumes and deodorants help us create a good image on people we meet, these products that can be used to make our home smell nicer helping us create a good image to people who visit our homes. If our home does not smell good, guest would form a negative impression and might not want to visit again. Therefore proper cleaning and using fragrances is essential.

Fragrances help us in a variety of ways, depending on their application. Besides helping us, the can be very pleasant to the nose.

To find out why we use fragrances or find places where you can purchase fragrances, you can visit us at

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