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Know Your Energy Bodies in Order to Create Your Desired Reality Effortlessly

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 94

The physical universe in which you live is essentially an outward manifestation of varying levels and frequencies of energy. Similarly, your physical body is but one of many simultaneously-existing energy forms which make up the totality of who you are.

It is important to learn about these energy bodies since they are your vehicles for functioning efficiently within the co-existing dimensions of reality. Just as your familiarity with your physical anatomy helps you to live healthily within the physical plane, a basic knowledge of your so-call subtle bodies allows you to live and function efficiently at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

More importantly, if you are interested in consciously shaping your life according to your desires, a working knowledge of your subtle anatomy will be very helpful. This is because the matrix of your outer reality is generated from the unseen level of your subtle bodies, specifically at the emotional and mental levels.

Your various energy bodies differ only in rate of vibration and not in location or boundary. With this new awareness and some practice, you will soon be able to sense your non-physical bodies more and more.

Starting from the densest and the slowest in vibration, the following is an overview of your energy bodies:

• PHYSICAL BODY. This needs very little explanation. It is your direct interface with the physical world and the means by which you gain experience on the physical plane in order for your consciousness to evolve.

• ETHERIC BODY. This is sometimes known as the ETHERIC DOUBLE because it is closely related to your physical body in shape, proximity and appearance. It is the immediate energy matrix upon which your PHYSICAL BODY is formed and is often perceived by psychics as crisscrossing bands of light. Your chakras or main energy-exchange points are anchored on this subtle body.

• ASTRAL BODY. This is sometimes called your EMOTIONAL BODY because it is your energy vehicle for giving expression to your emotions. Psychics with highly developed astral vision have described this body as an interplay of colors, depending on the particular emotion being played out.

• MENTAL BODY. This is the subtle body through which your thinking process is given form. In the mental plane, your thoughts, imagination and daydreams manifest as subtle energy forms (with distinctive shapes and boundaries) which are appropriately known as thought-forms. Your mental body plays a major role in creating your reality by initiating the matrices, patterns and prototypes for the various elements of your physical life.

Beyond the MENTAL PLANE, only pure consciousness can exist - no longer needing to maintain any kind of boundary-enclosed form, no matter how subtle. These higher dimensions are often referred to as the CAUSAL OR HIGHER SPIRITUAL PLANES - the domain of only the most spiritually advanced beings and avatars.

The above descriptions can only be an approximation, at best, mainly because your different energy bodies form a continuum of overlapping vibratory levels. What one spiritual school of thought chooses to identify as a distinct subtle body may, in another tradition, simply be an extension of another energy body.

Like most car owners, you do not need to know the intricacies of your car's anatomy as well as your mechanic but you must at least have a good overview of your vehicle's important functions in order to be safe and efficient on the roadways. Functioning optimally through in all levels of your reality similarly requires an awareness of your various subtle bodies and their functions.

Edwin Lopez has spent years of research on the hidden nature of reality creation and now teaches others how to consciously manifest their desires with consistency. This once hidden knowledge is detailed in an e-book about the ancient secret of Light. If you have ever wondered why bad things sometimes happen to good people or why popular law of attraction methods do not always work, visit Affiliate program is also available for earning a generous commission.

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