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How To Escape Family Problems - Happiness In A Difficult Time

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 78

Many people will say that a dysfunctional family is the root cause of so much unhappiness. We have been told that being brought up in a broken family means we will have bad habits and traits that we may then pass on to our children and so on down the line. Schools are littered with children who don't feel loved and the divorce rate is sky high these days leaving everyone in every age bracket wanting to know how to escape family problems. But what if this dysfunction is all a good thing? What if the broken upbringing actually sets us up to discover happiness in a difficult time?

I know it probably sounds a little crazy to say that a dysfunctional family has a purpose in bring happiness to all to the children. But let's look at things from a different point of view for a second.

God, Source, the Universal Energy (or however you define God) is a perfect energy where there are no mistakes. It isn't like God created an apple tree and went "whoops! That was supposed to be an orange!" and then kicked it aside. The tree was on purpose, just like the creation of you and me.

When we were created it was in wholeness and perfection. Everything from our eye color, the amount of hairs in our heads, and the shape of our nose was defined in that little dot we were in the beginning. If those details were defined for us in the beginning, doesn't it make sense that in the same dot was also our purpose and everything we would every need to carry it out including love, wholeness, and happiness? Do you think God would have created us and then forgot to give us the love and support we needed in that dot? I don't think so, why would it be left out. That would be like planting a seed and then forgetting the water! God - in all that perfect energy - would never make such a mistake.

This reality teaches us that we acquire love, happiness, and self-esteem from our parents. We are taught to reach out to them and demand a good upbringing with security, health, happiness, support, and anything else we require. In case you haven't noticed, that concept isn't working.

If we are whole from the beginning, complete with the love and support we need to carry out our journey, then why do we need to get it from our family?

Learning to find happiness with yourself will naturally show you how to escape family problems and gift you with the ability to find happiness in a difficult time.

Maybe the source of all the dysfunction is our continual and habitual desire to get our happiness and support from our families when it was never meant to be acquired there to begin with. In addition, when they don't have the support to give, or they simply give it in a way that doesn't suit us then that creates a problem doesn't it? It creates lots of family problems and drama.

If you felt 100% complete, supported by love, and secure from within yourself, would it really matter how or if your family supported you? Probably not.

So that really sheds light on the source of family problems now doesn't it.

If you want to know how to escape family problems, then perhaps that answer is to quite looking to your family for the love and support that you need and start looking within yourself. True happiness comes from within you. Happiness in difficult times can be achieved by looking inside yourself rather than to things in your external world.

The dysfunctional families is just a mistaken judgment put upon people and families. It's positive purpose is that these families teach us to turn within ourselves and recognize our own personal power. Once you see your own power then you will also discover how to gift yourself with the love and support you desire, hence putting an end to the family problems you wish to escape.

What if you don't find happiness?

What if you live your entire life unfulfilled when it could have been different?

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Finding your very own unique form of happiness is so important to you living a joyful life. If you can't discover your own answers and happiness, then what is life worth living for?

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Happiness In A Difficult Time

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