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Updating Your Image for the New Year

December 27, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 126

Do you know that 40% of Human Resource managers believe that resumes will eventually be antiquated and social networking will be the new tool where potential employers will find your information? Believe it or is true! It is time to revise your presence in a technological world.

Please note, I am not saying to be someone who you are not and compromise your integrity....that goes against everything that I believe. What I am saying is that in order to market yourself in the new millennium (which is 12 years old by the way) it is time to update your "virtual" presence, if you will. We update our wardrobes, yes? We buy new items for our homes, yes? Even the MTA in NYC went from tokens to Metro cards. So, why aren't you updating yourself?....folks, it is time to go viral.

You need to seriously consider joining social networks if you want to be considered for jobs, consulting gigs, acquiring clients if you have your own business, and so forth. Presently, resumes are still the way to go and the world is not suddenly going to say, "Okay, forget the paper and give me your LinkedIn URL." Nonetheless, there will be a day when this will happen and you need to be prepared.

I am not here to instill fear in you, but I want you to know what you need to do to give yourself that online presence that is imperative in 2012 and forward. Here are a few tips that will help you, and they really are not difficult; in fact, once you begin you may actually find yourself enjoying the exploration and you will be surprised how many people you know who are already in this virtual world. By the way, some of you may already be "viral" and are saying, "Yah, Yah Ann, I already know this stuff." Well then I give a huge kudos to you because then you are ahead of the game. For those of you in this category I would love to hear your feedback as to what I may be missing in my ten points below. here we go. For those of you who may feel out of your comfort zone I suggest taking these tips one step at a time, realize how much fun the process can be, know that you don't have to give all types of personal information (you will keep it professional), and of course, not do any of it at is your choice:

LinkedIn (

Tip 1) Make sure you have a presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is no cost (unless you want to upgrade but this is really unnecessary). Just type in and you can begin. Recruiters frequently scan through LinkedIn to find potential employees...this is the new way to recruit. Think of LinkedIn as the professional Facebook.

Tip 2) You want a 100% profile to be considered by recruiters that include a professional head shot (i.e., photo), a brief bio of what you do and who you are, your work history, your education history, and at least 3 recommendations. It may sound like a lot but it is easier than you think. If you are unsure what a 100% profile looks like please feel free to go to my LinkedIn account....just search for Ann Ruecker.

Tip 3) LinkedIn is a terrific way to professionally connect (i.e., network) with other folks. If you pull up my LinkedIn account you will see that I have about 300 connections at this point. You can look at each of my connections and see their affiliations....maybe one of those affiliations is somewhere you would like to be affiliated. Guess what? You just connect with me (i.e., ask me to be in your network), then I can introduce you to that person with the affiliation. It is as simple as that and is a great way to professionally click.

Tip 4) You want to use your LinkedIn address on your resume. This does three things: a) it makes it easier for hiring managers to find you, b) it shows you are not afraid to be found, and c) it shows that you are "hip" with current technology and know what it takes to play ball in the professional sandbox.

Create Your Own Website

Tip 5) You can do this through,, or even through your present phone carrier (you will need to check as I am unsure if they all provide this service). The fees are inexpensive and it is well worth the investment.

Tip 6) Create your own video and put it on the web. I admit, I am guilty of not doing this and this is on my "To Do" list. How do you do it? If you are tech savvy you can go to iMovie and do it yourself. If you are like me and need some help, you can hire someone to video you. Make sure you are dressed for the part, hair looks good, and you may even consider having someone do your makeup (guys too...yup, guys too).

Tip 7) What are you videoing? You are videoing you in an see, this is how hiring managers can see you before they even call you in. If they like what they see then you are in and you probably will get the job. You see, they already saw you in action and they now know that you don't have two heads, that you clean up well, and you are the one they want. Companies will begin doing this more and more as they need to cut costs, thus they are turning more and more to videos.

Ezine, Blogging, and so forth....get yourself out there!

Tip 8) You can write articles and publish them on It can be on anything that you want the world to know that you are an expert on. Same with blogging...just remember, keep it clean and professional. By the way, these are also no cost.

Tip 9) Why write online articles and/or blog? Because, when you are "Googled" by anyone (and trust me, potential employers will "Google" you) your articles and blogs will appear and you will be seen as the expert in your area of interest.

Tip 10)....and my final tip, please, please be careful what you post on Facebook or any other social media site. Keep it clean, professional, and just remember, don't put anything on any social media site that you don't want the rest of the world to see. This includes photos, comments, remarks, quotes, personal information, gossip, and so forth....

Now, Go Get Viral!

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