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To Decide Or Not To Decide

August 30, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 65

Success counts the power to decide.

If one gets too close to comfort or procrastinates, fulfillment of goals will seem too heavy or tasks will be unfinished. Most likely, there will be no clear outcomes, but unfinished duties. Indecision may show lack of plans and a wavering will. Success needs a brave heart.

But then, during the act of deciding one will need a pure intention to win and achieve goals. In this 21st century, if bad guys loiter around, the power of the crowd, communities and networks will trap them slowly and soon justice will lash them a verdict. The age of good workers has come for the benefit of everyone, especially to uplift the poor.

But then, know there are risks, too. That is why alternate plans and still more plans must be on the reserved drives. It should not be hanging oneself or others up a tree, but hanging on the hands of God. The hands of God lift in any dead end, even in the roads not taken.

Never decide, if responsibility be denied. Never decide, and later blame others. Never decide and weep, but head on leading the force.

In the book of Herbert Casson titled, The Business Success Series, the author writes, "Judgment, however sound, is of no value until it ends in decision."

For example, if ideas wouldn't be applied and acted on they will remain as ideas forever. These thoughts unless put to work and shared will never achieve any result in any way.

Knowledge must be put to work in a wise undertaking that will spark and create more ideas.

"Find out what to do and do it," H. Casson adds.

Many successful people aimed only at a goal, but acted on it.

So the rule goes as just do what's supposed to be done. Think what could be best for all. Do not pull down people for gain, but try to pull them up in every small way. Do admonish for good, even if it will bring unpopularity because there is no end but truth.

Act and decide prudently.

Not deciding is not accepting responsibility. Indecision can also be a sign of selfishness, as to gain nothing, but for the self. It is in all ways, cowardice.

In the Holy Bible, it says that you have to choose between God and mammon. It could not be neutral. And remember in making a promise, do not swear by the heaven or the earth, just say a simple "Yes," or "No."

Many successful people decide based on the following factors. Here are some tips.

1. Weigh the advantages and the disadvantages 2. Majority vote 3. Secret balloting or checklists 4. Feasibility study 5. Survey and statistics 6. Patterns and experiments 7. As to necessities or priority goals 8. As to budgets 9. As to workable projects 10. Community leaders and workers 11. Samples 12. Emergencies 13. Case-to-case duties 14. Safety of everyone 15. Challenges and inspiration 16. Vision and strategies 17. Plans 18. Good results 19. Unity, peace, and love 20. Collaboration and fast results

In any way, while working on a decision, wisdom will come with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Send O Lord, holy workers into your church.

Speed up!

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