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The Real Reason Women Need So Many Shoes!

March 01, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 109

It's something that is often joked about. Carrie Bradshaw and Imelda Marcos took this to the extreme, yet it illustrates a point Women love shoes. But aside from simply falling in love with the sleek designs, sexy details and sophistication that the right shoe brings, there is a very good reasons why women need to have multiple pairs of shoes.

Shopping for shoes can be fun. Especially on those days where you're carrying a few extra pounds and don't want to admit to yourself that you might need to try a bigger size. Your shoe size will still be the same. And if the shoes are fabulous enough, they'll take center stage, drawing attention away from those wobbly bits you're none too crazy about and keeping friends intrigued.

But the real reason for so many shoes isn't quite as apparent to most of us. However, after years of standing in front of the mirror for so long, debating whether or not a particular shoe works with an outfit, it hit me. Not only must the shoe complement the outfit, but it must create the perfect proportion with your skirt, dress or pants to seamlessly elongate your leg and create continuity. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? But the reality is that you can't just have a pair of heels and a pair of flats and expect them to go with everything. So get over that fallacy and realize that each new pair of jeans, pants, skirt or dress may bring with it the need for a new pair of shoes. Here's how to determine what shoes to wear with what:

1. Let Color be Your Guide - When determining what color shoes to wear, often women default to black. I've done it too, but when I realized that black can often drag my look down I decided to opt for another neutral, a bright hue or a bold animal print. I talk a lot about bookending - wearing the same color shoes as your hair color. This is a wonderful way to create harmony and to keep your look from being too visually heavy on bottom. If your hair is light, keep your pants/skirt in a light-medium tone and opt for shoes in a similar shade. You'll lift 10 years off your look!

2. Head over Heels - The length of your pants should dictate the shoes you wear. If you have pants that are a little long, wear a heel. For your pants that are on the shorter side, wear a flat. I encourage my clients to be consistent in the heel height of their shoes because it makes it easier to know where to have your pants hemmed. For your favorite pants, you may want to buy two pairs and have one hemmed for flats and one for heels so you cover all your bases. It's great to step out in a higher heel at times, but save those for your dresses and keep your heels a similar height for your pants. Few things kill your credibility faster than wearing pants that are too short - or that drag the ground.

3. A Weighty Matter - How visually heavy your shoes appear will affect your look. Your goal is to create balance and harmony, both in color and also in weight. If your personal scale is on the larger side then steer clear of delicate, dainty shoes which can make you look bigger by comparison. If you're more petite, clunky shoes will only make you look bigger. It's about repeating your personal height, weight and stature in the weight and appearance of your shoe.

So next time you're tempted by a new pair of shoes, don't be so hard on yourself. Just be sure you ask yourself what you'll wear them with, if they're the right height and if the style will help you to look your very best!

Mary Michele Little Your Signature Style Coach One Chic Mama, Inc. (919) 828-7529

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