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The Innovator: Passion, Pain, Process and the Purpose

May 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 182

All through the course of history, innovators and entrepreneurs have had reason to change the world by reaching into the invincible through their dreams to produce the tangible.

It has always been attributed to sheer passion- the drive that keeps the innovator going; even in the face of seeming impossibilities and stacked odds, the belief in possibility enhances eventual achievement.

Passion can be compared to the blood that flows in the vein; as long as it exists, the belief remains alive. Although it must said that whist passion can keep the momentum going, it would take more than passion to achieve the goal.

There would always be the low time, when everything looks bleak and blank; at that point the innovator must understand perspectives. A right perspective would be to figure out the experience as a process which does involve various high and low moments like anything ever progressive in life.

The process of innovation is never an easy one, as there are various stages involved: From the point of deciding to tow this path, to trying to work out a beginning point; with some many other things on the way before clawing your way to the top where you can finally shout Eureka.

The unique thing about innovation is the fact that the inventor has to figure our all of the logic in his mind, as it would not be possible to go and ask around on what to invent when it has never been done before; and people do not even know if they need it or not.

The same process would move from the point of conception, to trying out the idea before full implementation can be embarked upon. Even after implementation, the market would have to be convinced that there is a need for the product; a hurdle if scaled adequately could eventually signal successful achievement.

The process is never without its own pains as there would be times of frustration, lack of finance, self-doubt, seeming failure and brick walls. All of these would only go further to test how resilient the innovator can be. It is not wrong to fail, but it can be catastrophic if you do not learn from failure and pick yourself up.

Winning might be a destination, but preparation is the vehicle that gets you there, as it pictures the process involved. Never forget that the will to win is important, but the will to prepare is also extremely vital.

Again, passion is truly important, but an in-depth understanding of purpose gets you over the finish line. Purpose tells you that there is a much larger picture involved so backing out easily is not an option. A good understanding of purpose helps you put things in right perspective; encouraging you to find the flow of the fight and take control of it.

There would be storms and trials almost definitely. There might also be times of discouragement and doubt, but purpose gives you a sense of satisfaction even when it seems like there is no reward forthcoming. It might take time, but it only makes the victory much sweeter.

The wait can be trying, but the process must never be idle; seek information, find all the knowledge you can, do research, make yourself better, and prepare for the big break believing that it will eventually come. Remember the big stage is not a place for preparation but performance, the back-stage is adequate enough for as many trials as your preparation would allow.

In the midst of all of these, another very vital thing is the positive mindset. When we say we can then we can; whenever you think otherwise, it goes a long way to influence the outcome. Never deny reality, but remain optimistic; in the face of it all, do not chase the ideal but inculcate pragmatism. Keep finding a way to work around the problem as there is a solution somewhere in there; just stay the course and find it.

Ultimately, the innovator must understand that the final product is a fine mix of all of the factors involved- the passion, the pain, the process and the purpose. A healthy blend of all of these would ensure that one gets the ship to the point of finality. The visionary sees through the invincible to bring about great achievements; especially with a touch of genius and inspiration, everything is possible. It is matter of the mind. How much can you take?

Akinola helps to improve lives via Motivational Thoughts and Insights, a blog born out of the desire to bring about real inspiration,motivation and change by analyzing life issues and pulling out inferences as lessons learned in real time.we choose to call them lessons worth your while, from the school called thing that we can very much assure you- YOU WILL BE INSPIRED!!

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