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Take Action Now!

November 01, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 85

A long time ago, I had a boss who wanted everything yesterday. He wanted things when he wanted them - no exceptions. I can't tell you how many times I heard him say, "Joe or Mary are exactly the kind of people I want on my team. They are always quick to take action." Most of the time, they were successful. They didn't hesitate, and it appeared to everyone they possessed the courage, instinct and emotional intelligence to get things done.

We all want to take action quickly, but sometimes we wait for the perfect data. We wait... wait some more... and the perfection never arrives. To help yourself move forward, ask these questions:

1. What do I want? - Visualize the outcome you want. Look at it in terms of the best outcome you can imagine.

2. What might happen? - Yes, what might happen if you did move forward and you were successful? What are the positive outcomes?

3. What if it doesn't work? - This allows you to understand all potential outcomes. You will see that there will be something positive no matter the choice you make.

4. If my life depended on taking action, what would I do? - I know this one is a bit extreme, but there are times when people need to realize that it's time to move forward. Don't be stuck forever.

5. What is the little voice telling me not to do? - In coaching, we call this voice the gremlin. He is the negative voice in your head that causes self-doubt. If permitted, the gremlin can paralyze you. The best thing to do is acknowledge him, know he will be there, and then tuck him away.

6. What steps am I taking to move to action? - This is your time to review your plan, make changes and then be ready to execute.

7. When will I do it?- This is the closing question. You've outlined the plan, you know the potential outcomes, you recognize your fears, but you don't let it stop you. You are ready to move forward and you do!

Each person's situation may be different, but these questions are structured in a way that positions you to handle the challenge well. They provide a roadmap, and they allow you to understand that the little voice of doubt will always be there. We all hear our gremlin from time to time, but it doesn't need to cause fear or hesitation. Move forward... take action... don't wait!

John Sipple is President of Ignite Business Coaching. Ignite helps position companies to respond rapidly to marketplace opportunities and threats by optimizing processes and mobilizing people. Ignite combines people and process to create agility in your organization. Whether it's developing simple and effective solutions, or coaching team members to become more generative, adaptive or responsive, we can move your business to the next level. Agility enables you to become successful strategically, financially and professionally. Visit Ignite Business Coaching today at, or email us at

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