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Interactive Keynote Speakers

October 24, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 64

With the advancement in modern technology nowadays a keynote speaker can perform their speech even without being in the same room as the audience. Speakers can deliver their speech and discussion even if they are not in the same room as their audience. They use what's called video conferencing and it is now more used in meetings and video conferencing. Keynote speakers simply uses video conferencing software, a web camera and a steady internet connection and simply contact the event organizer to patch them through to their audience by using the same video conferencing software they are using and they can now be seen and heard by their audience. Here are a few reasons why keynote speakers use video conferencing or video call for their presentation.

A. Some keynote speakers may be unable to make it to the event due to unforeseen circumstances, so they use video call or video conferencing so they can still speak at the event even though they are not physically present. A speaker can simply be in their living room while giving a lecture that is a hundred miles away. They can even see their audience so they can also take in queries and show them visual aids related to their discussion.

B. Keynote speakers only use video conferencing in the event that they couldn't make it to the affair. One other reason is if they are in the hospital due to catching a bug or simply physically not fit to go to the event. This is the time when they make use of video conferencing and video calling. Even when they are at the hospital they can still give out their lecture or their discussion. Speakers can even give their discussion while they are still in bed if they are unable to walk around because of being sick.

C. Guest speakers often use this software to drop in on an event that have invited or hired them to speak but they are unable to make it. They can call from any location in the globe as long as they have a strong internet connection and a web camera in order for the audience to see them. In turn these speakers also see their audience, so that they may know what kind of audience they are dealing with and how to speak with them to make them better understand the discussion.

D. Keynote speakers who use this conferencing software can also show their PowerPoint presentations and their video examples to their audience. A software like this have advanced features that lets you show your activities in your desktop on the other line. This is useful so that they can see slideshows and other audio or visual aids you will be using for your presentation. And you can even talk and click through your presentation at the same time. A speaker can also record their presentation from start to finish so they can review if they have made any mistakes or what parts of their presentation they improve.

Interactive conferencing is the wave of the future, that's why these keynote speakers are now utilizing them for their presentations and their discussions should they be unable to make it to the venue. If you want to learn more about this interactive conferencing simply log on to out site at

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