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In Becoming A Winner

July 27, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 68

Looking back pre-historically, we can say that the thirst for survival is not merely to stay alive but rather to convey the supremacy of one being. Dating back as far as 600,000 years ago; the extinction of so-called Homo sapiens and other sub species has long been studied. Their patterns of living and interrelations had been delved into and looked closely. The emergence of other subspecies simply tells how early humans would display their dominance over others. Surmise to say in the case of dealing with their women and hunting for food.

What does it have to say in the modern times? A lot, many experts believe that man will seek greatness that to some extent; coercion plays a part. However, in a good light; becoming a winner or achieving for self-improvement empowers a person to strive for excellence.

There are various ways we can achieve to become winners in our own right. Here are some ways you can look into:

1. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Finding out where your strengths and weaknesses lie is the first step to it. Determine within yourself the hidden abilities that you have and cultivate so that it can help you excel in your chosen field. Do not downplay your weaknesses but rather make this as basis where you can make a lot of room for improvement. Most people would take this lightly not knowing that this is the secret ingredient in achieving success.

2. Accept criticisms constructively.

Most people would get offended when they get a lot of opinions from other people that they see it negatively. In turn; their work performance and concentration gets affected turning up unfavorable results. One should keep an open mind to all sorts of nasty things being thrown at them. Filter the things that can help you improve and ignore the ones that won't.

3. Introspection.

Johari Window is a powerful cognitive psychological tool that can help you better understand yourself. This technique explains the 4 aspects within us represented by 4 rooms. The first room is the part where it is known to us and to others. The second one is what we call known to others but we are not aware of. The third room is the blind spot wherein we do not know it ourselves and so are other people. The last one is the part where we know but kept it hidden from others. This is one useful tool that can aid in you in determining yourself and your way to becoming a winner.

To sum up, having known all the tools that can help you with is like hitting two birds with one stone. The chance to rediscover oneself and the opportunity to a successful you says it all. I had come across a personal development coach that will give you more tips on how you can change your life in just six minutes a day. Bob Proctor will help you give that experience in Make that click today!

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