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Improvise: What A Concept

June 11, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 85

Years ago, I took an Improv Class for four weeks and it was at the same time terrifying and extremely fun. I am a dyed-in-the-wool introvert with a great desire to remain out of the limelight, so how I got there still remains a mystery. It may have had something to do with wanting to laugh.

My husband and his friend were going in conjunction with an acting class they were taking and they seemed to emerge from the first one with no signs of post traumatic stress. Not only that, they could not stop laughing whenever they talked about it. How could anything that funny be that bad?

Sign me up.

I know. How I got there is really not the point. The point is that, for me Improve was so scary that I thought my heart would burst from fear if it didn't burst from exhilaration. We had to play games with strangers, very similar to pretend games you played as children when you were the queen and your younger cousin who you could bully was your servant and your dog was your knight-in-shinning-armor come to rescue you from a terrible witch played by a doll whose hair was never the same after you gave it a haircut.

I remember one alphabet game from class: Whatever your partner said to you, you had to say, "Yes, and..." as you created a story that got nuttier by the minute as you went from a to z. Whenever I hear anyone say, "Yes, but..." I want to tell them that "Yes and..." is infinitely more fun and decidedly more positive! (hint: try it!)

You don't have to join an Improv class to be improvisational. You probably already improvise in your art anyway. Life and art often requires it. I am proposing that you become more intentionally so.

Creativity Energizer Break:

If you are not accustomed to improvising, take small steps. Structure and routine keep us feeling safe and secure but they can also feel stifling and boring. Here are some ways you can strengthen your improvising skills without having a heart attack.

Do the opposite - if you have always done something one way, change the order, go in reverse, go slower or faster; just do it differently than the same old way

Do it alone - if you are accustomed to doing an activity with friends, see what going to a movie or museum is like alone. Or take an activity that you normally do alone and ask a friend along. Pick a book that you can read aloud with your partner, or just decide that you will read a certain book aloud. Try having a different voice for each character. (Try not to blush when you have to read the sexy scenes aloud!)

Get in your car and drive - Chuck Berry sang a song with the line, "No particular place to go." Good advice. Listen to music you don't usually listen to or some you love, but the kids hate. Discover new things in your city.

Follow a thread - Chase down a new interest. Don't make it a subject that you think you 'should' know more about. Find out who the heck Lady GaGa is or what it's like to play on an Ipad. You might become more hip in the process and wow your non-improvisational friends in the process.

One last one: Wear a disguise. I have never done this but I really want to. (Except at Halloween and that's really not what I'm talking about) How freeing and fun would it be to be someone else for a change? Wear a hat and sunglasses. Be mysterious. Ease drop. Get into character. Be a spy, a food critic or a famous writer. Improvise!

Exercise your creativity by stepping out of your comfort zone. Improvising is a way to do that.

Diana Meade is the creator of Energize Your Creativity. She helps creative people turn down the volume on their own internal critic so they can experience confident and carefree creativity. Diana made her living as a working artist for over seventeen years and knows that it does not matter how seasoned or how new you are to traveling the creative path; it can be a rocky road. Even with unlimited skills, time and energy our own negative self-talk can undermine and paralyze our creative intentions. To help quiet the negative inner voice for her clients, Diana conducts online workshops and writes a weekly newsletter on creativity. For more information and lots of creative support go to

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