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How to Show Appreciation and Make Others Feel Good

September 06, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 77

This is how to show appreciation and make others feel good. Competitionfor jobs, politicians trying to discredit each other, bullies at work and school makes it a cruel world.It requires strong self esteem to survive in this atmosphere. We need more encouragers to offset the negative feelings coming from all directions. Kind words can life spirits and change lives.

It is difficult to find a job, and when you get one, there are often so many negative vibes from coworkers that you feel you are in a cold war. It is hard enough learning how to do your job, without this mental distraction. Even those experienced in their field have the pressure of competing for promotions. We should learn to give others a word of encouragement and appreciation to make them feel good.

When you are having a bad day and everything is going wrong, a kind word of encouragement can make your day. You start feeling good about yourself and others.

When you know that someone cares, it removes the feeling of isolation and takes the pressure off. Everyone hates the frowns and cold looks from those around them, and kind words make the atmosphere more pleasant. Encouraging others is how you can show appreciation.

There is a bonus when you show appreciation and encouraging others. You learn how to encourage yourself!

In a world where everyone is trying to outdo you, you must be able to give yourself a pep talk to keep from being swallowed up by the competition. When you encourage and give appreciation to others, they will return the favor and you will have a much better working condition. There will be fewer frowns and more smiles.

Those who are around friendly people who are free with their complements and encouragements do well. On the other hand, those around negative people who constantly complain about their failures seldom succeed in their goals. It behooves everyone to be around encouragers. Life is too short to put up with unfriendly people who are always giving them a hard time.

You have incredible power to change people life around. A smile, friendly words, and encouragement are how to bring out the best in people. Harsh words can destroy a person's spirit and keep them struggling to survive. Kind encouraging words can build their confidence and give courage to go after their dreams. The thoughts and words you speak to yourself determine your destiny.

When you show appreciation for others it makes them feel good and it lifts your own spirit. Learn to choose your words wisely and you will be blessed.

Jesus said, "By your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned" (Matthew 12:37).

Use words that build people up not tear them down.Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For the standard you judge, you will be judged and the measure you use will be the measure you receive (Matthew 7:1-2). Learn to use kind words. There is a place in God's heart for encouragers.

If you need encouragement to build up your self confidence and live a life that is acceptable to God, you need the book, "Climbing the Heavenly Stairs." God loves you and wants you to succeed in life. He wants to save you from your sins and bless you. He wants you to have confidence in yourself and to encourage you so that you can encourage others.

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