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Dream And Grow Rich: How The Power Of Dreams Can Help You Be More Creative and Inventive

May 20, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 70

Can the practice of creative dreaming help a person to dream up an idea that could make him or her financially wealthy? The simple answer is clearly -- yes. It has happened many times in history. I'll give a couple of quick examples right now:

A young, British musician is the member of a promising new band. His group has had considerable success recording and performing cover songs, and they have even penned a few very minor hits of their own. But that one big break-out song that would really blast them to the top of the charts had been elusive.

After a long day of trying to write a No. 1 hit, the young guitarist falls asleep exhausted in a hotel bedroom. He begins to dream. In his dream, he begins to hear the most amazing guitar riffs. He wakes up suddenly with the powerful notes of the electric "dream guitar" in his mind. He grabs the guitar next to his bed and starts playing what he heard in his dream. It's dynamite! It's Gold! He captures it on tape using a cheap recorder.

The young British musician was Keith Richards. His band was the Rolling Stones. The song that came to him in his dreams was "Satisfaction." The rest is history. That was more than four decades ago. Today, Satisfaction is still played thousands of times a day on the radio, and was named the No. 1 rock song of all time by a recent poll of music experts. It's also played by bar bands and garage bands all over the world. It made Richards and his mates a lot of money... well, okay, it made them incredibly rich. It also launched their career into the highest echelons of rock-n-roll royalty.

So can the information you receive in a dream make you incredibly rich? Like I said, the answer is clearly yes. Let me share one more example.

For years, a struggling, obscure inventor has been working on a machine that he knows will revolutionize the world. It will change the lives of millions of people. Furthermore, if he can perfect this machine, it will have ripple effects across a variety of other industries.

But he was having an agonizing problem. He was stuck. He had all aspects of the mechanics of the machine worked out, except for one extremely integral aspect of the machine. Our inventor thought about the problem night and day, but was thwarted.

The man's name was Elias Howe. It was the decade of the 1840s. Howe lived and worked in Massachusetts. His invention was the first truly modern and successful automatic sewing machine. The key problem that prevented him from perfecting his device was the configuration of the needle. Until then, everyone knows that needles have an "eye hole" at the top through which the thread is looped. But different more was needed for an automated machine.

One night, Howe was asleep and found himself having a terrible nightmare. He dreamed he had been captured by hostile natives, and was being boiled in a gigantic pot while surrounded by warriors armed with spears. Despite this obviously stressful dream, Howe noticed something strange about the spears his captors were holding. They had eye holes like needles -- but these eye holes were near the pointed tip of their spears. When he awoke, he might as well cried "Eureka!" He had his missing element!

To make his automatic sewing machine work, the needle needed to have an eye hole near the point, and not on the top of the needle! The final element of a workable sewing machine had been achieved! He was issued a patent in 1846.

But wait a minute. There's more to this story. Did Howe's "dream invention" make him rich? Well, the answer is not so simple. Even though he had a terrific invention, he had an extremely hard selling the idea to the market. He was unable to convince any investors to provide the funding he needed to start manufacturing and selling the machine.

Like many great inventions, the sewing machine was originally scoffed at. One person famously asked: "Who would ever have use for such a device?" (The same thing was said about the telephone!)

Howe also has competition from a man named Isaac Singer, who perfected a facsimile of Howe's machine. Singer was a much better marketer than Howe. The result was many legal battles between Howe and Singer lasting five years. Howe eventually prevailed, winning a cut of Singer's earnings, but the legal wrangling was long and arduous, costing Howe dearly.

Howe went to London and tried to sell his sewing machine over there, but to make a long story short, he eventually returned to the U.S. without a penny in his pocket. After more years of struggle, Howe eventually reaped the rewards of his inventive genius and died at age 48, a millionaire.

The two examples I have provided here are just two of many dozens of examples I could site. In my next article, I will describe how anyone, including you, can ramp up the power of your own dreaming mind making it more likely it will help you dream up the "next great thing."

Author Ken Korczak

This is my Facebook Fanpage where you will find tons more information on expanding the limits of your mind and intellectual capabilities, and also where you will find topics that will invite you to think outside the box... sometimes WAY out side the box!

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