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9 Trends You Need to Know In the New Evangelization

May 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 135

In the wake of the debate about the new HHS mandate and the emergence of Cardinal Dolan as a force in the American media, there is continued questioning about the future of the New Evangelization. Where is it going? Here are nine key trends in the New Evangelization:

  1. Rooted in Tradition: the New Evangelization begins with Catholics immersing themselves in the 2000 year tradition of their faith including Scripture, the Church Fathers, the spiritual masters like Teresa of Avila and Ignatius of Loyola, lectio divina, Eucharistic adoration, regular confession, and devotion to Mary.
  2. Communion: In Novo Millennio Ineunte John Paul II said that in the third millennium, Catholics must live a spirituality of communion. This includes not only living out Christ's teaching regarding marriage and family, but also engaging in small groups and developing spiritual friendships.
  3. Incarnational evangelization: Christians rooted in tradition and living out communion spread their faith more by contagion than by publishing books or winning arguments. The heroes of the New Evangelization are men and women who both live the fullness of life offered by the Gospel and who are willing to give a reason for the joy they radiate.
  4. Healing wounded humanity: divorce, sexual promiscuity, the aftermath of abortion, and countless other experiences have left many wounded in today's world. The New Evangelization is about healing these wounds through the all-powerful, life-transforming love of Jesus Christ.
  5. Spiritual multiplication: the days when lay men and women can sit in the pew and listen passively to a sermon are over. The Church and the world need laymen and women to step up and engage in offering spiritual guidance that brings people from wherever they're at in their faith journey to being first disciples and then apostles of Jesus Christ creating a continual cycle of new Christians.
  6. Specialization & collaboration: God has put each one of us here for a specific task. No one can do everything. Therefore we must pool our time, talent, and treasure in building up the Kingdom of God with each taking on his unique role or roles.
  7. Story-telling: as Annette Simmons recently put it, "The best story wins." Stories give men and women their identity and their purpose. They give them hope. Whether it's blockbuster films The Lord of the Rings, the Hunger Games, or the Passion of the Christ or personal witnesses like Christopher West or Patti Schneier, the New Evangelization demands that Catholics tell the story of how God touches our lives and how His presence continues to transform us.
  8. Balance between apostolic life and personal life: unlike some past "martyrs" for their ministry, the men and women carrying out the New Evangelization want to enjoy not only their ministry, but also time for prayer, for their families, for hobbies and friends.
  9. Attraction: Joy, friendship, meaning, having a unique role in a greater cause, and enjoying a balanced life are all longings rooted in the heart of every man. These longings are God Himself pulling us to the fullness of life He created us for. That is what the New Evangelization is all about.

God bless. Live from your heart.

Fr. Scott Kallal is one of the founding members of the Apostles of the Interior Life, a new community dedicated to answering Pope Benedict's call to raise up "a new generation of apostles rooted in Christ's word, able to respond to the challenges of our time, and ready to spread the Gospel far and wide." You can contact Fr. Scott at

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