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Why Forgiveness Is Important for You

June 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 139

One of the most important elements of my hypnotherapy practice is helping others understand the need for forgiveness. Many times, we become wrapped up in the results and symptoms of our personal issues and we forget to search for the cause of these problems. For example, one may be distressed with an over-eating problem, however, that person may not be aware that the over-eating may be caused by an underlying issue. And that's understandable, because all they may really be looking at is the image in the mirror and saying to themselves, "I have to stop eating so much". They begin to look at ways to correct this problem and the first thing that comes to mind is finding a diet that will help them to lose weight. The lower calorie menu might work, at first, but the weight keeps coming back. This only makes matters worse, since they now have escalating feelings of failure to add to the weight problem. Of course, eating right (combined with physical activity) is an excellent approach to weight control, but what if the problem is rooted somewhere else?

We are told that in order to be "good" people, we should practice forgiveness. This is a fundamental concept in just about every faith and we know that it's better not to carry around animosity as part of our personal baggage. But to truly comprehend the value of forgiveness, you need to learn to forgive yourself, as well. This something that I look for, when working with my clients. Because what I do is a collaborative affair, I work along with my clients to discover the underlying root causes of negative life scenarios. You would be surprised at the number of times a problem has stemmed directly from a lack of forgiveness, either for themselves or towards another individual. Dealing with this discovery is simplified due to the fact that the client is in complete control of their thoughts and actions during therapy. This also means that every moment of the entire session is remembered. This is contrary to what some people may think, but hypnotherapy is not just standard hypnosis. This means that the issue is completely explored as opposed to a hypnotist who merely exerts their will over a subject, thus "solutions" are short-lived at best.

After a hypnotherapy session, the client will be able to see why it's important to be able to forgive. So often, we are able to bring ourselves to forgive another person, but we can easily forget how to forgive another very important person - that's you. If you find yourself facing a difficult issue, such as; depression, smoking, weight gain, career stalls, etc., it would certainly be worth your time to investigate the issue from an internal perspective through the use of hypnotherapy. This is also why I assist my clients with being able to perform self hypnosis after their hypnotherapy sessions with me.

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