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How To Make Self Hypnosis Work For You

March 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 136

Have you ever been hypnotized? Do you believe that you can be? Any person can be hypnotized but its success relies upon on how much you will allow yourself to accept the hypnosis procedure. Regardless, the procedure of hypnotizing oneself is fairly easy.

Basic Steps To The Hypnotic State

There are several basic steps to hypnosis and self-hypnosis put these into place and boom, you will enter the hypnotic state. Your mind is capable of many different levels of consciousness ranging from wide awake to being asleep. There are also many levels of sleep. In hypnosis you begin by entering a deep state of relaxation that opens your mind to suggestion. Whether you fall into a deep sleep at this point or maintain a light sleep doesn't matter you have still reached the place you want to be.

After entering into the suggestive state you need to focus on an idea or a phrase, in other word a hypnotic suggestion. The hypnotic state is a higher level of awareness than you are normally in during the day. In this state the suggestions will bypass the judgement of your conscious mind and enter into the subconscious where they will be automatically carried out. When you are in this state if anything happens that requires your waking attention, you will automatically wake up to be able to take care of it, otherwise most people find the state very enjoyable.

Let Your Subconscious Rule

As kids, we had the capability to focus on a particular undertaking without all of the "messiness" and distractions in our subconscious that we have today. Think about it - we all agree that we get smarter as we age but a baby who is less than a year old can learn complex actions like walking, talking, eating with a spoon, etc. As adults if we need to relearn any of those things as after an accident or stroke it can take much more time. As we age we have feelings ingrained in us such as you get hurt when you fall, etc. it is not easy to ignore those kinds of thoughts. By means of self-hypnosis to clear our subconscious, you can give yourself a special way to train your brain and learn a new action that you once considered impossible. The subconscious mind is behind producing your individuality and emotional drive.

Hypnosis has been around for a long time. Traditionally you might think of someone swinging a pocket watch in front of someones face while saying sleep, sleep, and the person nods off. While that will work it is seldom used these days. Usually just a waking suggestion is given coupled with deep breathing that the person relax. Remember the purpose you are being hypnotised is not to get to sleep, rather it is to enter a suggestive state where positive, transformational suggestions can be given to the subconscious mind. Using these methods you can solve some of your major life issues like stopping smoking, stopping overeating, and any other difficult to master habit that may be plaguing you.

Hand Your Vision Over To Your Subconsious

When you want to accomplish a task and make a decision to do it, then it is time to hand it over to your subconscious to handle the details. Clearly have in mind a positive vision of what you want to achieve and put it into positive words as if you have already succeeded. This will be the script that you say to yourself as you enter the hypnotic state. These are the words that will guide your success. Replay the vision and your words over and over while in the hypnotic state and success will be yours.

Mike Griffin is a hypnosis expert. For more great tips on how to self hypnosis, visit

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