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A Guide To Hypnosis

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 191

When the subject of hypnosis comes up many picture people on stage crowing like chickens, barking like dogs, and many other humiliating activities.They picture people whose minds are under the complete control and mercy of the hypnotist.This makes them afraid to take advantage of this great tool that could improve their lives.

First, you do not give your mind over to the hypnotist, in fact you won't do anything while in a hypnotic trance that you wouldn't do under normal waking conditions.With that out of the way you need to look at the many benefits of hypnosis.Often miraculous cures are effected for those who undergo the technique by enlisting the help of their subconscious minds to give their bodies a tune up from the inside.Hypnosis has helped people succeed with their goals, lose weight, quit smoking without side effects, boosted confidence, eliminate phobias, reduce stress, clear IBS, and many other conditions.

Can I Be Hypnotized?

It is unusual to find a person who cannot be hypnotized or effect self-hypnosis.The only documented cases of failure to reach the hypnotic state have been with mentally ill patients, those with extremely low IQ's, and people who really didn't want to be hypnotized and resisted.

What Is A Hypnotic Trance?

A hypnotic state is not that unusual of a condition.Many of us naturally go into and out of the state during our normal waking.It happens a lot when people drive and shift into auto pilot arriving at their destination and not really remembering the trip.The same thing happens when you become absorbed in a book or TV program.You tune out all else.Thus the hypnotic state is not that unusual.The state can be detected by monitoring brain waves.You will first pass through the alpha state, this is the brain wave frequency that is the entry point to the altered state that is hypnosis.The main thing to note is higher frequency brain waves are reduced as normal waking brain activity is quieted.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like

The usual method of entering hypnosis is to relax so it is no surprise that you will feel very relaxed while in hypnosis.Being in hypnosis is a very pleasant state and most people remain aware of things going on around them, they also know that they still have control, they have not surrendered their minds to the evil hypnotist.

Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

As pointed out above, hypnosis is a natural state that we go into and out of without ever knowing what it is.In fact it is so safe that the American Medical Association describes it as safe with no harmful side effects.There are no cases of anyone ever being hurt by hypnosis.

Will I Be Made To Do Things Against My Will?

This just cannot happen.While your conscious mind is relaxed it is still in control, still hearing everything going on.Since it is the seat of determining what is right and wrong it will protect you.You cannot hypnotize your girlfriend and get her to remove her clothes unless that is what she already wants to do.Likewise you cannot be hypnotised and made to do a criminal act unless you want to.People can still lie to protect themselves while in a trance and you cannot be made to act like a chicken unless it is something you want to do.

What Are The Benefits Of Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be used to effect positive changes in a persons life.This happens because under hypnosis the subconscious and conscious minds cooperate in ways unimaginable to people who have never experienced it.Relaxing the body and mind all by itself has a positive and therapeutic effect on a person but things go well beyond that.A wide variety of conditions have been cleared up by using hypnosis.Skin conditions, addictions, weight loss, IBD, and quitting smoking are commonly conditions that are cleared with hypnosis.

Hypnosis is also great at helping you achieve your goals it makes them more compelling by bridging the gap between your head and your heart.When you tie your emotions to the outcome you seek by this method you dramatically increase your chances of success.Suggestions of the goal or change that you are seeking are simply dropped into your subconscious during a session and upon awakening you will find your conscious mind right there with you and carrying out your goals.

Hypnosis is the ultimate tool for positive life change.You create your script for life in the form of positively phrased and very clear suggestions and then pass them to your subconscious while in the hypnotic state.This state can be entered with the help of a hypnotist or you can do it yourself by what is known as self-hypnosis.Start using hypnosis today and gain these great benefits in your life.

Mike Griffin is a hypnosis expert. For more great information on using hypnosis to improve your life in ways such as weight loss and hypnosis click the link, or just visit

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