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Psycho Cybernetics Book Review

February 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 141

Psycho-Cybernetics is a classical Self-Help book written by Maxwell Maltz in 1960. Most of the current authors and speakers are highly influenced by the wisdom of this book. Most Olympic players have accepted in interviews that they followed the psychological training of this book to perform better and achieve their goals.

Who Is Maxwell Maltz?

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon, he found an amazing thing about "Self-Image", he found that everyone of us has an self-Image of ourselves and we treat others accordingly. When you change a man's face by plastic surgery, you almost invariably change his personality, his behavior and sometime even his talents and abilities.

But some patients showed no change in personality after surgery, they continued to feel inadequate and inferior. They continued acting as if they still have an ugly face.

What Is "Self-Image"?

The Self-image is the individual's mental and spiritual concept or picture about himself. It includes your beliefs, your abilities and deficiencies. The Self-image defines what you can and cannot do. You can develop your Self-image and thus the development of the Self-image can bring new capabilities, talents and literally the capacity to turn failure into success.

According to this theory, ideas which are inconsistent with our system are rejected and not acted upon by our mind due to our self-created Self-image. Only the ideas which are consistent with the system are accepted. For example if a student has trouble learning math, it is because he has created a Self-image that I don't have a mathematical mind. If you could change students' beliefs about math and teach him some simple methods to solve the math problems. His attitude would change towards that subject and he would start learning math.

According to the survey, there are 35-45 year-old women who are convinced that they look Old even though their appearance is perfectly normal. 90% of the college students are dissatisfied with their appearance. The reason is the Self-image. They have created a false self-image of themselves.

If you want to improve your life, you must know about your self-image, To create a better self-image of yourself, you must know your strengths and weaknesses. You must be honest when evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. Your Self-image must be reasonable approximation of you, Being neither more than you are, nor less than you are.

How The Sub-Conscious Mind Works?

The mind is divided in two parts - conscious mind and sub-conscious. The "Sub-conscious Mind" is a goal-striving servo-mechanism that we all have. It works automatically to achieve goals of success and happiness or unhappiness and failure, depending upon the goals which you yourself set for it.

Once you have set some goals for yourself, your sub-conscious mind will find the ways to achieve them. You can set goals in your "Sub-conscious Mind" only by mental pictures through visualization.

To set your goals in the sub-conscious mind, you must visualize how you would feel after achieving your goals, what you would do, what type of job or business you would be doing and in which city you would be living? The "Sub-conscious Mind" seeks to achieve the mental images or mental pictures which we create by the use of imagination.

To Bring Success And Happiness In Your Life You Need To Do These Two Things-

1. Develop an adequate and realistic "Self-image".

2. Use your "Sub-conscious Mind" to achieve your goals.

Animals cannot select their goals, their goals are pre-set. We all human being has this amazing gift given by god. We have goal-striving device called sub-conscious mind that help us achieve our goals. But it has one problem that it does not know the difference between good and bad. It will give you exactly what you think most of the time whether it is something good or bad.

Sub-Conscious Mind Works Like A Machine

The god has given this power to man to create anything by directing his sub-conscious mind with his imaginations. You have this incredible machine (Sub-Conscious Mind) which will help you to achieve your goals, you just need to learn how to use it. This machine accomplishes its goals by going forward, making mistakes and continually correcting them till it achieves its goals.

Science Can Build Man's Brain

If the scientist want to build a man's brain they would need at least ten billion electronic cells to build a man's brain. These cells would occupy about a half a million cubic feet and several millions of cubic feet would be needed for wiring. Power required to operate it would be one billion watts.

In the future Scientists may be able to build a man's brain but this brain would lack the power of imagination. It would not be able to set goals, an operator would be needed to feed the data and to run it like today's computer.

Infinite Storehouse Of Ideas

This thing that you are going to read is amazing, many great thinker have believed that man's stored information is not limited to its own memories of past experiences, and learned facts but there is one mind common to all individual men.

It means all the brains are connected with one major brains. You have access to get the knowledge and ideas from other people's brain just by staying with them. We all are being literally engineered for success by the god. We just create a low self-image and think that we can not achieve our goals but in fact we all have sub-conscious already installed by goal that is able to achieve any goal. Every human being has access to a power greater than himself.

To Achieve Any Goal Of Your Life You Must Follow These Steps:

1. You must give a well defined goal to your sub-conscious. You should not be confused about what you want.

2. To set your goal in the sub-conscious you must visualize how would you feel once you have achieved your goal. You must act as you have already achieved your goal.

3. You should not care about how your sub-conscious will achieve your goals. You must have full faith that your success mechanism will find ways to achieve its target.

4. Your sub-conscious mind will make some mistakes but don't be afraid. It is the process of sub-conscious mind to achieve its goal by making mistakes and correcting them continually.

5. You must learn to trust your success mechanism to do its work and not "jam it" with doubtful thoughts.

Final Thoughts On This Book

This book will help you to deprogram yourself from self-doubts and negative beliefs. It will show you a clear way to develop your "Self-image" and reprogram yourself for success. I highly recommend this book if you have any goal that you want to achieve in your life.

By reading this book, you will learn how to use the tools that are needed to achieve your goal, these tools you already have but you are not using them. This book will teach you how to use your success-mechanism to achieve whatever you want in your life.

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