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Book Review - The One Minute Millionaire

June 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 150

In the book titled, "The one minute millionaire" written by Mark Victor Hansen published by Vermillon and distributed by Ruba and Company, the author briefly describes a parable about Michelle, a widowed mother whose life is found to be on the brink of ruin. Unless she can raise one million dollars quickly, she will lose custody of her children. Coupled with this story, the author elaborately discusses about various advices as to how the success can be achieved. His advice outlines the struggles met out by Michelle and he urges us to identify our fears and doubts and eliminate from our lives all the roadblocks that limit our financial potential.

In fact money is not everything; however, nothing material in this world can be achieved without money. He sincerely tells us as to how we can eliminate from our lives all the roadblocks that limit the financial potential.

When it comes to money, it is miles behind the family, health, friends and spiritual values. In fact the abundance of the above mentioned four dimensions constitute true wealth. Money is neither bad nor it can be considered good and it is purely neutral and it all depends as to how best any person handles money that holds good in life. The money is an energy tool and like a hammer money can be either constructively used or can be used for destructive purposes. In order to improve the standard of living, relationship and happiness, we need to have enough money and money properly earned and combined with enlightened intentions makes the world a better place.

It has to be remembered that the vast majority of millionaires share certain characteristics that almost all millionaires share and each one of us should strive to implement the millionaire techniques and strategies. We should try to adopt the millionaire mind set and it is called as the distinct set of wealth creating attitude and beliefs.

Our system has been described by the author as a three stage process and the author clearly defines it as the millionaire equation.

A dream + a team + a theme = millionaire streams

People should have the dream to build the millionaire mind set and in order to achieve this mind set, they should learn to increase the level of their self confidence and burning desire.

They should try to possess a team and this can be achieved by attracting mentors and masterminding partners so that they can help make the dream a reality.

A theme should be established for selecting and applying one or more of the basic millionaire models for gathering money in a fast manner.

After having conducted several statistical studies for more than fifty years, Deming had come to a conclusion that in every process there is found to be a beginning and an end. In case the initial 15 percent of the process is focused properly and necessary corrections are made, each person can achieve 85 percent of his desired outcome. He again emphasizes, that by focusing on the first 15 percent of anything, the remaining 85 percent can be effortlessly achieved.

According to the author, "the one minute millionaire" is a system that creates tiny movements in thoughts and actions of each individual at least one minute at a time.

The book is like a fable that teaches us the practical and inspiring lessons so that each individual can create wealth effortlessly by following simple thumb rules.

The book is found to be worth reading.

Submitted by A. Gauri Sankar, freelance writer; trainer and financial consultant. He can be contacted through:

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