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What Life Is

April 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 141


Life is a work - begin it.

Life is a battle - win it.

Life is a pure heart - shield it.

Life is a spectre - wield it.

Life is God's lesson - learn it.

Death is His good rest - earn it.

Life be it happy or unhappy, fortunate or unfortunate it is the only good man is born with and he who does not love life is unworthy of life. And if life is worth living it is worth living nobly. Yet men/women do not care how nobly they live, but only how long, although it is within the reach of every one of us to live nobly but clearly in no person's power yet to live as long as one wants.

Life is uncertain and can be compared to a candle in a stormy weather, which may give way anytime. But it is unto us to look upon it instead as a splendid torch which we have got hold of for the moment and it should be our endeavour to make burn as long as possible, before handling it on to the next generation.

How long life should be? The wise person will like to live as long as he ought to, not as long as he can. He will always reflect upon the quality and not the length of his life. Life becomes too long when filled with idleness, too short when packed with business, but too happy to be to be judged in terms time when spent in the service of others - for the good of others. However, it is not possible for every one of us to devote our lifetime in the service of the rest of humanity, nor would it be practicable for all.

If all were good - who would appreciate goodness?

If all were great - how will one differentiate one from the other?

And if all were to take to social service - whom will they serve?

As a matter of fact each one of us in his/her field does serve his/her fellow beings, though this service may be indirect and, naturally, within certain well defined limits and open to conflicting stresses and strains. However unpleasant one's duty may be one can always do it sincerely and be polite and courteous.

Since trifles make the sum of human beings,

And half our misery from our foibles spring.

Since life's best joy consists in peace and ease,

And few may save or serve but all may please.

Let the ungentle spirit learn from thence,

A little unkindness is a great offence.

What constituents contribute to good life? Are they ease and facility or effort and difficulty, surely the latter. In this competitive age in all spheres difficulties are encountered and have to be overcome before any decided measure of success is achieved. And mind you success will slip away from you like sand through the fingers, like water through a leaking pail, unless held tight by hard work day by day, night by night, year in and year out!

In practical life and in our country (India), particularly, today when morals are continuously sinking to lower and lower levels, perhaps success is not easily accessible by fair means and for those who have no compunction about the means they employ success appears to be too easily achieved. But is this latter success lasting? Does it give peace of mind? It may be earning riches, it may be giving fame, it may be bringing prosperity, but at what cost - one has to pay in terms of his character. Believe me - Fame is a vapour, Popularity an accident, Riches take wings, only one thing endures - Character. And character is much easier kept than recovered and "that man/woman who from sinister views or littleness of soul lends hand to injure continues a wound it will not be in his power to heal". This injury may not be direct or visible. A person who indulges in adulteration not only cheats his/her customers but lends public to cast aspersions on those honest manufacturers who may be dealing straight. A vendor who sells in black market not only extracts a higher price from the needy but deprives a bigger and perhaps sufficient distribution to all by hoarding stocks.

DUTY - Duty performed is a moral tonic; if neglected the tone and strength of both mind and heart are weakened and the spiritual health undermined, but, if otherwise, it leads to peace of mind and happiness. And in discharge of your duties don't be diverted by any idle reflections the silly world may make upon for their censors are not in your power and should not at all be your concern. Always act firmly but rightly - this may gratify only some people but will definitely astonish the rest. Always stand by truth - firmness in adherence to truth and duty is generally more decided when most intelligent and conscientious and is sometimes mistaken for obstinacy by those who do not comprehend its nature and doubt the motives.

CHANCE - What should be place of chance in our daily life? I can do no better than to quote the late Shri Arubindo who said ' Chance that vague shadow of an infinite possibility must be banished from the dictionary of our perceptions. For, of Chance we can make nothing. Chance does not at all exist, it is merely a word by which we cover and excuse our ignorance.

ACTION - Act and act instantly, thoughtfully:

In time take time while time doth last'

For time is no time when time is past.

And the action has necessarily to be of our initiative. If, however, you subscribe to the theory "what God wills, will happen" - you may also find another hypothesis to be equally applicable "If man folds his arm God goes to sleep".

BRAVERY - Strive in Bravery with the bravest, just as you should strive in action with the most active, but please do not compete with the richest in wealth, with the greediest in greed etc., lest misfortune befall you.

MANNERS-What a rare gift is that of manners! How difficult to define and how much more difficult to impart. Better for us to possess them than beauty or talent or riches. They will compensate for all of them.

GENTLENESS - Always be Gentle. It is almost a definition of a gentle person to say that he/she is one who never inflicts pain intentionally. They make light of favours while doing them and seem to be receiving them when in fact conferring them. They observe the maxim of the ancient sage - that we should conduct ourselves towards our enemy as if they were one day to be our friend.

CHANGE - Change is the essence of life. But from cradle to the grave, man, the social animal is a slave to his own convictions. He fashions his life in a particular mould and normally goes on living it in the same mode - failing to recognize the changes in thinking and action that become necessary due to the passage of time. Thinking of the generation changes but not of an individual, thus bringing disappointment. Yes, do resist moral degradation. "Simple living but high thinking" that should be the aim at all times - that will ensure peace of mind.

Life is eternal and so can one's pen move on endlessly on this theme. But individual's life invariably gets cut short and so must my writing! But before I conclude the eternal desire to continue compels me to say:

The day returns and brings us the petty round of irritating concerns and duties. Always act the gentleman and perform your duties with laughter and kindness, let cheerfulness abound with industry. Go blithely on with your business and go to the resting beds weary and content and undishonoured and enjoy the gift of sleep. And remember the old maxim:

Kind Hearts are the Gardens,

Good Words are the Roots,

Kind Thoughts are the Flowers,

Good Deeds are the Fruits.


Women are in general inferior to men in bodily strength and energy.

Consequently the male part of the community, taking advantage of their corporal weakness, have denied to them those excellent merits that they are entitled to by nature, and afterwards they are apt to say that women are naturally incapable of acquiring those merits. When did you provide them a fair opportunity of exhibiting their natural capabilities?

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