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What Are Your Needs In Life?

April 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 169

Needs are a very personal part of our makeup, ranging from a deep desire to be recognized or to be independent.

We do not consciously choose our needs, they emancipate from our unconscious deep within us. Once needs surface they are not optional - they need to be satisfied for us to function best. Wants are choices we make on the basis of what we believe is important in our life to function at peak.

Understanding ones needs is very important as it governs our energy cycle. The amount of energy we have at our disposal is directly proportional to the needs we have satisfied. Keeping your energy high means knowing what your needs are.

How to identify needs?

Let me help you with a simple yet powerful way to identify your needs. Look back into your past and ask yourself what needs were being met when you were at your best. Write down four instances when you really felt on top of the world and elated.

Now that you have identified four instances, concentrate on one at a time and think of a need that was being met. Let your unconscious take over and put down whatever comes to mind. Don't look for correctness.

When you have compiled a list of your needs, check them against the following question - is this true need for me or do I want it because it looks fashionable. Thereafter freeze your list.

With all this data now you can paint a portrait of your needs. Now plan the actions that you are going to take. For this activity it will be good to work with a friend. Discuss your thoughts and actions with your friend. Your thoughts can be bizarre, serious or outlandish. Don't worry put a plan to it and make sure to ask your friend to keep on reminding you about your plan.

Now you need to align your goals and objectives to fulfill your needs. Prioritize your needs, start with the top four or five and put a plan which is in your control to meet them. It is important that you take control of your life and do things to change it the way you want. It is stupid to blame others for having unmet needs - take charge of your needs and don't be a victim of someone else's design.

What are the benefits of having satisfied needs?

As you satisfy your needs the original wants become less and less important.When your needs are met you will have extremely high confidence, you no longer see others as a benchmark. Your desire to compete is about raising your standards and improving your personal best, rather than being a part of the rat race. The more you love yourself for who you are the more you will love other people and accept them for what they are in their life. You will start seeing wonderfulness in people around you; you will become an elixir of positivity and happiness.

By knowing and accepting what you are and being in the present - not in past or future you discover the joy of life. You have a real high because you see your own goodness and the goodness around you. It's blissful!

Jappreet Sethi

Visit the for more insights and articles on human resources development.

Jappreet Sethi has over a decade of experience across various facets of HR. He is a certified black belt in Six sigma and has certifications in various psychometric instruments like MBTI, FIRO and CPI.

Jappreet has restructured a number of business processes to increase efficiency and reduce turnaround time. He brings strong project management and business partnering skills to the table. He is also extensively trained in group dynamics and leadership development using behavioral labs.

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