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Stop Feeling Ashamed

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 302

Shame has proved to be one of the hardest emotions to overcome. Shame might be as a result of something that somebody did to you or a wrong choice that you made. People who feel ashamed have an internal struggle with it before others can see its external manifestations. Shame is a petty emotion that destroys your effectiveness. Though its impacts are often underestimated, shame has made gifted people fail to attain their full potential in life. Some very talented people have failed to attain their full potential because of these negative emotions. Now, if you are among those people who suffer shame and you are wondering how you can stop being ashamed, the following are some of the tips on how you can overcome shame.

First, it is imperative to know that shame has a cause. Although you may not easily know the source of your shame, do a thorough self-analysis and you will get some useful clues. After you have identified the source of your shame, confront it. This is because unless you identify the source of your shame the healing process won't begin, and you may live in denial of both your shame and its source. Make sure you sort out all the possible reasons behind the shame you are feeling. It is advisable to break them down instead of tackling them as one complex whole.

If it is a person who is making you to feel ashamed, locate them particularly. It might an individual or a group of people. Know whether your shame is the result of an internal struggle of someone treating you in a humiliating way. Try to know whether you contribute in any way to the shame you are feeling. Set yourself free from any guilt and place the blame on the individual or group of people who make you feel ashamed.

There is a time-old adage that says that a problem shared is half solved. Try to share your situation with somebody you trust. This could be a relative or a friend. Be keen to choose a person who you are sure will not share your secret problem with everybody. This is because if you make the mistake of sharing your problem with a person who is not good at keeping secrets they may share it others. This in turn increases your shame instead of decreasing it. By talking, you release some of the burden that has been created over time by keeping all the shame in your heart. Listen to any constructive advice they give you. Many people who understand your situation will reassure you that the situation is not your own fault. Listen to such advice because it is good for your psychological relief.

Finally, you should try to address some things that caused your shame as time develops. Some of such issues will need some time before you can effectively address them. Try to reclaim your confidence in the areas of your life that are the root cause of your shame. Moreover, try doing other new things that boost you self esteem. After you've fully forgiven yourself and you have overcome the emotion of shame, move on with your life.

Get help with how to stop being ashamed and find out how you can reduce your feeling of shame.

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