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Self-Esteem in Women

April 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 211

A women's self-esteem can be destroyed simply by somebody saying the wrong thing to her. Her past experiences of being brow beaten will mean that even being told the right thing will have little effect. Her self-esteem and self-worth would drastically improve if she could only realise that she is rarely the subject of the degrading remark

The Mayo clinic has suggested that a woman's self-esteem would be improved if she could identify and isolate the situations that are causing her lack of self-worth. There are a number of causes that can damage her self-esteem.

The change of life and the empty nest syndrome often occur at the same time in her life. Problems in the work place, or a crisis at home could have a traumatic effect on her self-esteem.

She would feel that her time as a mother is over now her children have left home, an argument with her partner may convince her that she has lost her sex appeal.

Her work based problem may be a mistaken belief that she is somehow not up to the job and others are outperforming her. It is vital for her to be convinced that this not about her but a new phase of womanhood she is entering.

The Mayo clinic goes on to say that if women are aware of these thoughts it will improve their self- esteem. Over the years women have been subjected to a barrage of instructions to work out, eat a healthy diet etc.

She is often made to feel an inadequate mother because she would rather avoid cooking a full meal and order a take away. Even when she faces these problems in an attempt to change things, external influences will still make her feel inadequate.

The media often plays a part in undermining her self-esteem. Perfectly formed and tanned young male and female models in magazines that sell in millions will damage her self-image and confidence. Magazines are a prime example of the external influences that undermine a her self-esteem.

To improve her self -image she must see these external influences as negative forces and change them. She must recognise what deep inside herself she already knows: she is worth much more. She must get to the heart of these negative influences and use them to her advantage. She must become aware that she will improve her body and mind by leading a healthy life style. By treating any threats, either from home or work, as challenges, she will overcome them

It is by recognising that the negative influences she feels are undermining her self-esteem are not aimed specifically at her. Once she recognises this she will approach life with a much more positive and confident outlook. By facing down these self-denigrating influences and recognising the positive side of her personality, she will provide a huge boost to her self-esteem

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