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Self-Confidence: 3 Easy Keys to Build Self-Confidence

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 119

Do you know someone who behaves with ultimate confidence? Have you ever wondered, "What is her/his secret? How can s/he be so positive about herself/himself?"

Would you like to know the secret? The Good News is that you, too, can be confident! That's right - you could be the confident one that everyone else wants to copy!

It might surprise you to learn that self-confidence does not come from some inner gift. It might also surprise you to learn that self-confidence doesn't have to be with you from birth. Self-confidence comes from both the positive things you do and the affirmative things that you say.

There are those for whom these actions have become so ingrained -- by conscious, intentional repetition -- that they appear to come naturally. That focused repetition has allowed this person's behaviors to become habitual. By practicing these same actions, you can take the steps needed to build your own self-confidence... to a level that your confidence appears to come naturally, too.

Here are three easy strategies to help you Build Self-Confidence:

A. Be Careful with Your Appearance. Through your appearance, you project how you feel about yourself. Others pick up from you valuable cues about you! Through your appearance, you actually communicate information non-verbally to others about how you want them to respond to you.

How can you help others respond to you in the MOST-positive way? One of the best ways is by looking great! Choose well-fitting clothes, speak thoughtfully, be well-groomed. When you know you look good, it works like magic to help you feel good about yourself as well!

B. Use Positive, Supportive Self-Talk. Be careful about how you talk to yourself... about yourself. The manner in which you talk to yourself in your head is called self-talk.

To make sure that your self-talk is encouraging and complimentary, follow these steps:

  1. Begin to pay attention to the messages you give yourself. Each of us responds to words. We respond most attentively to our own words.
  2. Since your word is such a powerful force for you, it is important that you pay very close and particular attention to only speak positively, kindly, with encouragement to yourself.
  3. If you notice that you have said something negative to yourself, immediately tell yourself, "STOP IT!" and, then, change that negative self-talk message to a positive one.

C. Have Goals -- Work to Achieve Your Goals. When your life has direction, you move more firmly on that path. You are more consistent in working toward accomplishing your dreams. Because you are working diligently in the direction of your goals, you see yourself making progress. To seal-in that progress, be sure to give yourself compliments, acknowledging the efforts you are taking in the direction of your goal-success.

I encourage you to use these 3 key strategies over and over to Build Self-Confidence in your life. Remember: Repetition is an important step to make these strategies Your Habit of Confidence!

And I invite you to learn more about developing Confidence and Self-Esteem. Get this FREE Special Report, "10 Easy Ways to Build Self-Confidence!" and learn how to improve YOUR Self-Confidence today! Just click on the link Send FREE Confidence Report! or go to

Presented by Dr. Marlene Shiple, the Life Coach Dr. & the Life Coach Dr. Network.

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