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Dating Advice - Step One: How to Improve Self-Esteem

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 193

Self-esteem is vital to many aspects of human existence. Self-esteem directly affects one's ability to attain things, experiences, and goals.

But to keep the focus of this entry concise and relevant to this blog's purpose lets continue and get specific!

Self-Esteem directly correlates to sexual performance, and your relationships.

To exemplify:

If one is unsure about one's own worth in bed they may become stiff, and immobile; their body unresponsive to pleasure.

Without a healthy self-esteem one may be self-conscious about his/her appearance in public. It WILL read on their face.

When self-doubt and self-defeating thoughts are projected on the face they come across as unflattering and at times unattractive. There will be an aura that repels others from you even if you may be physically beautiful. The feeling of discomfort will put others around you ill-at-ease and greatly diminish your chances of dating or finding a mate.

But please, understand that there is hope. The author himself was very much at one point a perfect example of low self-esteem.

Among the other topics in this blog- improving one's own self-concept is completely necessary to discover and maintain meaningful relationships of every kind AND and to develop a high quality of life.


Know (Discover) Yourself- this will eventually keep you at peace with live.

Take time...REALLY take some time and separate yourself from your social environment. It may be the places, groups, cliques, family roles, and identities you've accumulated throughout life that keep you from finding the real things you love.

Find what makes you really happy. The author of this entry advises that you do something you can get lost in i.e. free-writing, drawing, tinkering with musical instruments, sweeping (yes...even sweeping could be meditative), reading, gazing at the sky (not the sun). It is these practices that will remind you of yourself.

-Center yourself!!

Positive Affirmations- be fair and never bully yourself.

When you feel ready take time and make an effort to move in on your ego in a positive way. Make a list of the things you enjoy about yourself and a list of the things you would like to improve.

See the room for change and take a small step every day by announcing to yourself quietly that you will be ie. "more daring today", "more generous", "more talkative".

-Stand up to yourself!!

Treat Yourself with Respect-consider the things you wear, eat, and surround yourself with.

Monitor the things you wrap your body in. Are these clothes truly "you"? If not, be calm and realize that everyone goes through a following period and take small steps to bring yourself back to the you that is meant to be.

Your diet- Although it is relative as to what is an "appropriate" diet to follow, it should be obvious to see the habits that are completely disrespectful to yourself. Be good to your body and listen to what it is telling you.

Being unhealthy also reveals itself in your esteem and the way you deal with others.

This one is important- Take a look at those around you; friends, family, and colleagues. How do they make you feel? Are they harmful to your goals, ambitions, well-being? It will take a lot of strength to remove yourself from those who will at best keep you from growing. Please take the right steps in finding your way out of destructive relationships and into the loving arms of true friends, lovers, and people. They DO exist.

-Take care of yourself!!

-Meditate and Imagine-take a 15-20 minutes out of your day and quiet your thoughts. this will help you lots at the beginning.

-Quiet your thoughts. Sit up-right or lie down. Focus on your breathing- and during each slow exhale, count each breath down from 20. Be very aware of your position and how your body feels. With your eyes closed imagine where you are, imagine all that is around you.

-When you are quieted imagine your ideal self. Within reason, imagine how he or she looks. What he or she is wearing, doing, their disposition.

-Create yourself!!!!

You can certainly transform yourself. It takes time, persistence, patience, and courage- lucky for you, you already have it those qualities.

Discover it and get to work!

Best regards,


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