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A Guide to Finding Your Unique Purpose

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 106

Most of us at some time have wondered why we are here. The true nature of that question simply is that we are here to live our truest passions, but in doing that we must know what those passions really are and how best to make them work for us to enrich our lives, therefore enabling us to enrich the lives of those around us. To do this we must each go back to our core roots that of our own sacred place. This is a place we all have long forgotten. Most of us have lost that birthright of our power, to others, who claim that their path is best for us, and insist on us doing it all their way.

When I began school in 1960 I was forced to use my left hand to write with. I was seated next to a class bully who would prod me every time I swapped over. This was the teacher's idea. Already I had begun my life being forced to comply with someone's idea that being left handed was a disgrace. I had no choice but to comply to living my life as another saw fit. After many years of being programmed to live our lives through the justification of those around us, it becomes apparent that sooner or later we want to find the real us.

We want answers to our true purpose, to our happiness and security. But people often want to know how to get to the deep core of their being, to the beating light that keeps us all breathing. I had no path and had lost direction completely, and my bridges had been burned behind me. I realised I needed to create a new one for myself going inwards. Its been both challenging and wonderful at the same time. Allow me to share with you a door I struck while drilling and creating my new path.

Recently I have unlocked a door within me that had been closed for 46 years. As a child I loved to draw and mix my crayon colours, I came first in my class for artwork. But all I ever did was draw tress and sunsets, then use my ruler to scrape off the excess crayon. I remember feeling happy and contented and as if the bullies couldn't get me while I drew. But that was short lived it was not going to get me a well paying job in those days. And so the door of art was locked as were many others.

I have unlocked that door after so many years to begin my art again. I'm finding nothing has changed except my art is better than its ever been. Using watercolour Im about to embark on oils in the coming months. I unlocked the door to my true core purpose. I can sell the paintings, keep them or give them away to friends and charities, the choice is mine. I have so many options.

Greta Jourdane discovered her true purpose in art and writing on

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