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Use Of Pepper Spray For College Students

March 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 115

No matter where you are or who you're with, you can never disregard or count out the fact that there will always be potential dangers in your surroundings. Even at school or in college, there are a diverse group of people with different personalities with multiple groups around campus vying for supremacy to control most of the student body. Or in other words, these are bullies or gangs that threaten others by picking on them.

There are threats all around us that we must be aware off whether it be in our outside campus that we must avoid or as much as possible get away from. What if you are caught in a worst case scenario that you can no longer avoid them? What would you do to help yourself and save your own skin if there's no one else to help you?

It is always a need to protect yourself at all times and be prepared for any unfortunate circumstances you might face even though it is not intended to happen. Being at the college level entails you to be more independent and mature that you have to look out for your own, unlike before that you are still guided and close monitored by your parents and teachers. That is why being on your own for most of the time, you need to be prepared for anything and anticipate the worst to come so that by that time, you already how to avoid it or deal with it.

Having with you a pepper spray in your pocket ready for use is a smart way to being protected from strangers or even the unexpected like an attack by ferocious wild animals. A pepper spray is a chemical compound used to irritate the eyes causing eye pain and temporary blindness and is contained in a canister. Using it too much can cause permanent blindness which is a rare case that is why you need to proceed with caution and use it only to those who are threatening you.

It is a necessity for the sake of protection that most or all college students be equipped with this canister to keep them safe at all times especially when they are alone. There have been many cases of theft and rape incidents of college students in and out of campus especially female students because they are vulnerable when force is used on them. Most of the reports would state that they were alone and strangers just attacked the victim with no remorse or regard for any sanity.

In these times, it is best to be always ready for the inevitable danger all of us will face especially to most whom are independent and looking out for themselves. Equip yourself with a pepper spray and when the time comes you need it, you will be thankful that it's just inside your pocket waiting to be used to spray someone's eyes to teach them a lesson. Remember, don't go anywhere by yourself without one.

For more information on pepper spray related defense go to ASP Pepper spray

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