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The Right To Protect Yourself

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 172

When is it ok to use lethal force to protect yourself?

Anytime a person uses any type of force to protect themselves, that force must be Reasonable and Minimal. Many questions will arise from the deadly force used in the George Zimmerman killing of Trayvon Martin.

Even though you have a right to protect yourself, you may only respond with the same level or degree of force that an aggressor uses, or attempts to use against you. There are many different levels, degrees, and types of force used. Your level of force must not go beyond that offered by the aggressor, or attacker.

For example; if a person approached you begging, or asking for money or spared change; that person could get too close. He/she could even seem aggressive and demanding in telling you, you must give them money. Closing in on your personal space will make most of us very uncomfortable. As the aggressor gets closer, you could feel like your life is in danger.

What degree of protecting yourself is appropriate? Is it deadly force? If you are permitted to carry a gun, should you pull out your gun to defend yourself? Is deadly force required? Non Lethal protection supplies would be a better option in a situation like this. If the person is not armed with a firearm, knife, club, pipe, or something that would cause you bodily harm or death, deadly force is not necessary.

Even if the person in the example story here had a knife, and was 25 feet away walking toward you, would the right choice be to "Stand your ground?"

It is obvious, that if you can possibly remove yourself from the situation and get away from it, this is the best choice for all involved. When a situation comes about where you must STOP an aggressor, non-lethal options like key chain pepper sprays, and runt stun guns are an option.

Deadly force should only be used to defend your life, or the life of another innocent human being. You must not use deadly force to prevent a crime, to stop a suspect who has committed a crime, or to apprehend or arrest someone. Call 911 instead and follow instructions.

For women, the presence of someone may sometimes be justifiable in the use of deadly force. For example if you are 110 pounds being verbally threatened by a 350 pound man who says " I will hurt you bad, skin you alive, and eat you for dinner" If a verbal command does not stop him, you should go to your protection device to do what it takes to stop him

If you are a the gas pump, your children are sitting in the car, a person comes along begging and getting in your space, Keep your lipstick pepper spray handy. Be prepared to use it properly. I will be writing on proper ways to use defensive supplies, and ways to protect yourself.

You can protect yourself with nonlethal products such as buying a runt stun gun, pepper spray, or tasers. If you have the opportunity to get into your car, or the situation gives you a way of escape, this is always the best option.

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