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Cat Keychain for Your Self Defense

April 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 345

What are you going to do if attacked? In case you don't carry the cat self defense keychain, you might do what most of the victims have done, scream! Surely, screaming appears better than doing nothing at all, and often it's a reflex impossible to suppress, but it's probably not the most effective defense. On the contrary, it might even force a reaction from the attacker: he will try to curb the screaming, to silence the victim - first thing.

Quite a few victims of surprise attacks might have possessed, tasers, pepper spray, knives, or even firearms, and maybe they even had those heavy-weights in their purse when attacked. However, their impact has often been proven to be ineffective, when the attacker is already too close and the attack already in progress. There is neither time nor space anymore to open the purse and look for the pepper spray or taser.

How to get out of the threatening situation? If you remain on your own, and nobody is coming to your help, realistically, there is only the chance to get out of the place. But, for this, you have to distract the attacker, with something, giving you an advantage of a few seconds at least: I suggest you deal a sharp punch!

Fit two fingers into the holes of the cat eyes and get full control over this effective tool. You will feel that it can cause serious damage. Its sharp ears can definitely hurt an attacker enough to allow for your escape opportunity. This is not a toy. Applied virtually anywhere on the body with as much gumption as you can manage and it will be effective. The target will feel it through their clothing and if you hit bare skin you can cause plenty of pain and concern.

Keep your cat keychain at a place, so you can slip your finger into it at any time. When it is on your hand, you will feel its power while it doesn't draw much attention. You are not pulling a gun out, and it doesn't look like an obvious weapon. Its easy to have on your fingers and you can secretly put it back into your pocket if not needed.

This self-defense tool is really sturdy without being heavy or awkward, and small enough to carry in a pocket or purse. The cat keychain is a serious defense weapon to get you out of a bad situation. It has been endorsed by many self defense instructors and was developed to help you to maintain safety and dignity.

Look at it closely, and take time to gauge the situation: the cat's spiky ears and solid construction make it perfect for a quick blow in self defense - without being a professional fighter. That is what the Cat Keychain is perfect for. The charm includes a ring and clasp for attaching keys. With the two sharp spikes it serves as an extension of your fingers. It is easy to slip on, easy to hide. About 3 x 2.1 inches in size, is stealthy in your purse and looks non-threatening in your hands. This kitty cat is an excellent tool for your self-defense.

At such an affordable price, everyone in the family should have one and it makes a great gift especially for students, girlfriends and anyone who might need to enhance their safety.

The author is runs the website and has been dealing with security and self defense issues for the last 10 years. To see more visit Cat Kechains Self Defense

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