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Search Engine Marketing for Your Ecommerce Website Builder

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 121

Search engine marketing (SEM) is made up of numerous features, many of which can be quite confusing. However, the foundation for building a successful ecommerce website begins with the basic understanding of three important elements. Frequently search engine marketing firms fail to communicate the importance of these:

  • Site Description
  • Page Titles & Headings
  • Navigation

Meta Description Tags

Your site meta description tag is a brief synopsis about your company's products, services, and offerings. The information is indexed and categorized by search engines. The site descriptions are a vital element of the search engine marketing campaign, not only can it help your search rankings but it can help attract the attention of searchers and get them to visit your site. A weak or poorly written description can severely impair your site's chances of getting the traffic you need.

The meta description is displayed as text below the title of your page in the search results, by most search engines. The description should complement the title and offer enough information to get a visitor to click on the page. The description includes a succinct overview of the page highlighting key company information and sprinkled with keywords relevant to that page.

The meta description should include the keyword phrase being targeted on the page. The keyword should be close to the front of the description. However, remember that you are writing this for a reader, not just the search engine, so it should be readable and should make sense. Your description should be no more than 250 characters. Descriptions that are longer will be cropped by the search engines and searchers won't see all of it.

Page Titles

Search engine marketing is distinguishing your goods and services from the competition by using a combination of keywords and engaging sales messages. The page titles of your site are one of the most important elements in your SEM. The page title appears at the very top of the browser window of a loaded webpage. The page title is the main indicator to a search engine of what the page is about. The page title is also the information that is shown in the search results.

Page titles should include the important keyword phrase for each page and should be simple and easy for the site visitor to read. Titles and headings that are too creative tend to confuse the search engines and minimize the website's exposure in the search results. Many websites mistakenly give each page of the site the same title. Each page of your website should have a unique title of its own.


When it comes to developing the navigation of your website you need to choose your site pages and links wisely. Online creativity is very subjective and if your target audience doesn't understand the navigation then you won't reach the goals of your marketing strategy.

Search engines send 'spiders' to crawl websites to determine what the site and pages are about so they can be indexed and appear in search results when specific keywords are searched for. The spiders use links to find their way from one page on a site to another and from one site to another. If you want your website content to be fully included in the crawl of the site then you need to have an internal linking system that will guide the search engine spider throughout the site as it indexes the pages.

Your ecommerce website builder should have a menu system that makes it easy for both search spiders and site visitors to move around the site and access all of the content. A site menu is important but if you have a large site then a menu might not be enough. A sitemap offers a page guide to all of the site content in the form of text links. Sitemaps are a great way to speed up the process of finding content on a large website.

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