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How to Make Money Online Writing Articles - An Introduction

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 108

Internet marketing is a growing field. If you've ever watched the show "House Hunters International" then you've seen at least one successful internet marketer buying a house in some tropical paradise. You probably then wondered "how did they do it?" Let's draw back the curtain and investigate exactly where to get started.

You might have guessed from the title of this article that my focus would be on using articles to create an online business. However, we first need to cover some basics. If you are brand new to marketing on the internet you will need a system to teach you how to get started. Most systems come with capture pages and presentations already created for you. This way you can skip (for now) learning how design websites.Once you have a system in place for tracking the visitors to your website your next goal will be to get internet traffic to your website. This is where article marketing comes into play. If I could start over completely, I would start with article marketing. This would have saved me a lot of wasted time and heartache. There are a couple reasons article marketing is so powerful. First, anyone can do it; all it takes is a 400 word article to get started. Second, once you post an article it stays up forever! That means an article can continue to create traffic for you long after you post it.

The beginning of article marketing is keyword research. Ultimately you want people to find your article, and you want those people to be interested in what you are marketing. Thus, you need targeted keywords that have a chance of being found. This requires the perfect combination of traffic and competition. You can search keywords manually for free using Google but this can be time-consuming. If you have the resources available, it is certainly worth the investment of purchasing a keyword research tool.

Once you have your keywords you simply write articles about those keywords. After you have the article you will want to submit the article to an article directory such as EzineArticles. Article directories are called authority sites because they get preferential ranking by Google. They achieve this by creating their own quality standards for what they will accept.

Most article directories will allow you to put some information on the bottom of the page. This is where you put the website you want to promote. That way when people search your keyword, they read your article, they like it and click the link at the bottom. Then you have traffic going to your website! If you can get started with a couple articles you can be a successful internet marketer in no time!

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