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Take Time to Understand Neutral Buoyancy for You and the Environment

February 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 146

As new scuba divers we tend to put the cart before the horse. At least this is the category I fell into and most others I know as well. New scuba divers are so excited to be diving they just want to get underwater and start flutter kicking, ready to see the ever changing frontier. In fact in most cases the flutter kick gets more practice time than neutral buoyancy.

Let's start with efficiency. Most divers long for one thing, more time bottom time. The easiest way to get more bottom time is by becoming a more efficient scuba diver. Understanding neutral buoyancy makes a diver more efficient because they are streamlined and movement through the water is more fluent, thus requiring less effort and energy. Much like when a professional swimmer wears a swim cap. Every scuba diver is a walking talking buoyancy compensator. When we breathe in we are more buoyant and when exhaling we become less buoyant. Often times when we are scuba diving we want instant results much like above ground, but underwater we are limited on air supply. When underwater if one needs to ascend a little, instead of adding air to the buoyancy compensator simply take a breath and you will ascend. You won't ascend as fast as giving the buoyancy compensator a blast of air but you haven't wasted air either. The breath you take and the air going into the buoyancy compensator come from the same air supply. The difference being your breathing is more controlled than the blast into the buoyancy compensator. It is the opposite if you need to descend simply exhale and descend. The smallest things will make you more efficient and your dive more enjoyable.

The better a diver understands and practices neutral buoyancy the better they are for the environment. The more a diver is in control of their movement the less likely to flutter kick a coral, reef or disturbing a wreck dive site. Damage to a reef or coral is in-reparable. While cave diving or in tight quarters accidentally kicking a wall, even with good torches can have you and your dive buddy down to zero visibility not to mention the environmental damage that can be done. Most of the time this is cause by someone that hasn't take the time to understand neutral buoyancy or practice it enough to become proficient.

The more you scuba dive the better, you will get at maintaining a neutral buoyancy. Put on your equipment and get into your pool, the neighbors pool or check with local YMCA and inquire about practicing in its pool. You don't want to be the one that damages a coral, reef or someone else dive trip by making the water murky. Enjoy your bottom time longer and become a better scuba diver by being more efficient.

Ronnie Price enjoys writing articles on scuba diving with the goal of introducing people to underwater attractions. Ronnie views underwater adventures as the last frontier accessible to everyone that wants to explore them. Ronnie invites you to come to for your dive equipment. At there is also a link to EzineArticles.

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