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What Every Scriptwriter Must Know to Attach a Star Actor to Their Script

June 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 194

Most scriptwriters think to attach a star to their movie script they should start with the star's agent, but don't bother starting there.

Many writers want to connect star power and get a star actor attached to their movie script so they've got a better chance at selling their script to a studio.

If your script does not have a deal already attached (and big $$ already in place) the agent won't have any interest in considering it. An agent exists to make sales. They have to chase that 10% to keep the doors open. A deal already in place makes it easier for them. 10% isn't much when you really think about it.

A better approach would to to contact the star actor's manager. They are usually more receptive. They play a more one-on-one role with their clients. They're used to dealing with the huge egos star clients have, and the manager wants to keep that star client happy and find great material that will please them. For some stars it isn't only about the money. Many stars want to be adored and love, like we all do. They want to work on projects that satisfy them personally. And they really want to find that great character to play to win an Academy Award or an Emmy.

Many actors want the chance to play a range, like -

  • big a action hero type might be looking for a more sensitive role
  • more dramatic type actors might be looking for something more comedic
  • a romantic comedy female star might be looking for something edgier

Actors want to showcase their skills and need quality, vibrant, fresh character roles in dynamic movie scripts to play. Expanding that range helps a star break from typecasting. Managers have to find material that plays to a star client's ego.

Here's a list of some things a manger would look for in a movie script for a star client -

  • Actors want an Oscar, so did you make that main character memorable?
  • Actors count their scenes (yes, yes they do). How many scenes have you written for the main character?
  • Would the star actor get upstaged if there was another star actor involved?
  • Would the star actor get more respect if they did your movie?
  • Does your movie script's location lend itself to being very actor friendly?

Write a great movie script and you've got a chance. Just because you're new and getting started and Hollywood seems so removed from the common man, don't forget that the stars and their managers are human beings too. Approach them professionally, with a great script in hand and that can be your ticket 'IN', and that's what you want, right? You want in so you can do what you love - being creative - making money - writing great movie scripts.

You can call the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and request contact information for up to 3 actors at a time - just ask if they have a manager and get the manager's name (and contact info if SAG has it).

Aspire to become somebody and enjoy the ride.

For more information on how to write great movie scripts visit Lena Banks' Think Tank Ink MasterMind INKubator for Scriptwriters at Lena Banks mentors and manages scriptwriters.

Lena Banks - Mentor, Manager & Muse to Scriptwriters. The Founder & Host of Think Tank Ink MasterMind INKubator for Scriptwriters-where writers become GREAT movie scriptwriters. Workshops in LA and UK. Professional Hollywood Gatekeeper - Script Reader for literary agents, producers, studios & writers. Expert script fixer and coach, writing partner, and re-writer. LITERARY AGENT INTRODUCTIONS. Literary Agent & Manager Liaison - I help new writers get IN. Lena's takes writers from unknown to know. Visit for a FREE eBook 15,000 Useful Phrases

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