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Faithbook - What Everybody Ought to Know About Scrapbooking Their Spiritual Legacy

March 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 126

Life passes at an unbelievable speed. Sometimes major events trigger the button in our hearts that reminds us of just how fast.

Have you experienced any of these?

  • Birth of Your Baby

When your baby is born, you watch so closely as that tiny infant eats, sleeps, yawns, coos, smiles, poops, stretches and grows.

Those sleepless nights sometimes seem like "forever" nights but then before you know it your little baby

has longer legs, more giggles, constantly asks "why" and is entering kindergarten.

Blink your sleepy eyes a few more times and that child of yours has even longer legs and hands reaching

out for the keys to your car.

Yes, nothing quite like watching your child grow to really see how fast time passes.

  • Passing of Someone You Love

A professor once said to me, you don't know what death is until you lose a parent. I believe that many people would say you don't know what death is until you lose a loved one-whether it is a companion, child or parent.

When one of our loved ones passes from this life here on Planet Earth, we are again reminded that time passes quickly and no one is promised another day.

  • Chronic Illness and Pain

Living with daily pain and/or chronic illness can beat you up with the realization that your days are limited.

But there is also a blessing in this. You may not be as prone to take life for granted. Each day becomes

more precious to you.

All of these serve as reminders that our life here is limited and that time passes oh so quickly.

God has given us a Responsibility to Accomplish

The Bible tells us to tell the next generation about God's presence in our lives.

  • Be very careful never to forget what you have seen God doing

for you... Deut. 4:9a (TLB)

  • Write this down for the next generation so people not yet born

will praise God.PS 102:18 (MSG)

  • Write it so the story can be told. PS 102:21 (MSG)
  • ...One generation makes known Your Faithfulness to the next.

IS 38:19 (TLB)

Since we all know that at any time our life here on Earth could end, shouldn't we be preparing our message for the next generation now?

But How can we Prepare our Spiritual Message?

One of the best ways to leave your Spiritual Legacy is through a "Faithbook"-a Scrapbook about your Faith.

When you leave a layout with a photo of your child and a scripture beside it as he/she grows that child will be drawn to it and will love reading it.

You've prayed many prayers for your child/grandchild. How about writing one for your child for a time after you are gone?

What about that special story that happened to your family where the only explanation is that it was a God Moment? Put it in writing so that your child/grandchild will know of God's miraculous works.

Perhaps God is calling you to think about how He has been faithful in your life. Maybe He wants you to create a Faithbook so that you can leave your Spiritual Legacy for those you love and for those who will follow you. I'd like to encourage you to sincerely pray about this.

If you don't pass on the stories/messages about God's presence in your life, chances are they will be buried with you.

Don't die with those messages inside of you. Start today.

Scripture taken from THE MESSAGE, copyright© by Eugene H. Peterson, 1993, 1994, 1995. Used by permission of NavPress Publishing Group.

Scripture quotations marked (TLB) are taken from The Living Bible ©1971. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Wheaton, IL 60187. All rights reserved.

©2011 Scrapbook Your Christian Faith and Donna Riner Weber

Will you impact the spiritual future of your grandchildren and others who will follow you? Would you like to learn more about leaving your spiritual legacy through a "Faithbook"? Visit I'd like to invite you to come on over to and sign up for the Free Five Lessons on Faithbooking. You'll also receive Free ezine "Faithbook Bits and Pieces" which will give you tips and techniques about Faithbooking approximately once a month. (There is no obligation to purchase anything.)

Donna Riner Weber enjoys traveling with her husband, taking pictures of her family, reading, and Faithbooking. She enjoys using her skills as a teacher, speaker, and writer to inspire, teach and encourage others to Scrapbook their Christian Faith.

You have permission to copy this article if you keep everything as it is written in its entirety and include the closing signature intact with the website address and this right to copy sentence.

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