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MEMS: A Tiny Package With Potential To Revolutionize Every Field of Technology

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 168

Micro-electromechanical systems, more frequently known by the acronym MEMS, are micro devices which can be used as sensors, valves, gears, mirrors, actuators, and more. Most often combined with, or comprising, a microprocessor, they make possible the collection and transmission of data in a minuscule package. MEMS foundry companies have experienced significant growth in the last two years, as the almost unlimited number of possible applications across many industries has become more evident.

The automotive industry was the first to apply MEMS technologies in high volume. In the 1990s, they were devised as airbag accelerometers. The small size, low cost, and high sensitivity were the features that made it possible. Prior to this, airbag deployment required the installation of bulky components and relatively expensive electronics. MEMS technology costs a fifth as much, and the small size results in a quicker response.

With airbag deployment, fractions of a second can make a difference. It is MEMS micro devices that have made side impact airbags feasible. Smart airbags, which respond differently depending on the size and weight of the person in the vehicle, are the next step and are already being developed.

The medical applications of MEMS are significant as well. Tiny pressure sensors have been widely used for monitoring during childbirth, during eye surgery, in ventilators, and in dialysis machines. Disposable blood pressure transducers have significantly reduced costs for intensive care patients. Microchips for the analysis of skin's physical and chemical condition have been developed for use by physicians, pharmacies, and cosmeticians. In the laboratory, MEMS has made it possible for testing equipment to be made both smaller and more sensitive. They are used in monitoring equipment for radiation and biological hazards. All these technologies have improved quality of patient care, while reducing costs.

The technology is also used for micronozzles in ink-jet printers and as mirrors in video projection equipment. The defense industry has devised a number of uses for MEMS, including environmental monitoring, munitions guidance, and navigation. It has also been used for monitoring border control.

A number of new applications are in development in MEMS companies for various industries. Incorporated into thermostats, they will greatly improve the energy efficiency of home and industrial heating and air conditioning. Tiny, inexpensive GPS devices in courier packages will provide real-time tracking without dependence on manual scanning, and will gather information about package handling, including temperature excursions and shock detection.

The future will also bring smart roads which gather and transmit data about road conditions, so repairs can be made before conditions become serious or dangerous. MEMS embedded in roads will also transmit data to the GPS in vehicles, keeping drivers abreast of road hazards, traffic, and accidents. In airplane wings, they'll respond to air currents and adjust air flaps instantaneously, improving efficiency and safety.

With the number of possible uses expanding every day, MEMS foundry companies are poised to become a major growth industry over the next decade. From automotive and medical applications, to temperature control, safety and transportation uses, nanotechnology in these micro devices has the potential to revolutionize every field and to positively affect every day life across the globe.

Jessica entered the Semiconductor Manufacturing field in 1998. Jessica has held positions at Integrated Micromachines and Xponent Photonics prior to founding Rogue Valley Microdevices, specializing in silicon wafers and establishing it as one of the leading MEMS fabrication and manufacturing facilities.

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