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Magnet Field Therapy - Pulsating Energy Resonance Therapy

February 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 137

All things must pass - this is true, the question is when (George Harrison)

Our universe, matter, atoms, quarks, neutrinos and also biological systems like us, meaning our cells, are subject to a natural process of disintegration.

This thesis of a subatomic program, which leads to the death of an arbitrary system when expired, was established by famous physicists like Max Planck and Albert Einstein.

It is widely discussed that there must be a physical interrelation of a subatomic program and the aging process of biological systems, but the medical and pharmaceutical industry prefer to base their research on the rational and pragmatic thesis of aging by abrasion (Linus Pauling)

Fact is though, that different biological systems have big differences in their life expectancies. While the mayfly practically has no chance of surviving longer than one day and humming birds or guinea pigs cannot anticipate a long life, the human being has the possibility of living up to 120 years. Ocean turtles can even live over 300 years. But also non-biological system like elementary particles seem to have a preassigned expiry date, e.g. the proton has a life expectancy of thousands of years.

While there is something mystical about the time of disintegration of elementary particles, the thesis about biological systems is that the biological age is directly connected to the energy output of the living being. In other words one could say that the death of a person is caused by more and more active cells losing further active cells during cell division, thereby gradually deactivating themselves.

This thesis also corroborates a large-scale study that was conducted on more than 1.200.000 people in the 70s and 80s within the energy medical research in the former Soviet Union. During this governmental research supervised by Prof. Zagriadski, 1.2 million test persons of all different ages and constitutions were examined biologically on 20 meridian points and the electrolytical measuring data was documented in an ideal bio-energetic curve.

According to Prof. Zagriadski the media often ask humans who are 120 years or older how they managed to get so old. Some say it was the healthy food,others say it was the fresh mountain air, others say it was lifelong working and some joke that it was the lifelong smoking.

These are sure media-affective reportages, but they do not conclude the true cause of aging. A thorough analysis of Prof. Zadgriadski's studies however,could provide an explanation. Within this study, 283 humans over the age of 100 years were also examined. It was noticeable that without exception, the measurements of these people lay on the ideal bio-energetic curve derived from the average values of he previous research. Therefore you could conclude that the secret to achieving a high age lies in the perfect balance of the bio-energy. This knowledge played a huge role in the development of magnet field therapy.

The electromagnetic cell Regeneration(ECR), which is the underlying technology of the magnet field therapy, uses the knowledge and measuring techniques of this research to document the success of the therapy. Regenerating your cells regularly with magnet field therpy mat leads to your body cells achieving a perfect bio-energetic level.

Another technology which is used within the magnet field therapy is even more remarkable. Let's go back to the formerly mentioned subatomic program of cells, meaning the physical occurrence that more and more body cells loose active cells during cell division and therefore gradually deactivate themselves.

Basically it is important that the disintegration (aging process) is not just a biological occurrence, but universally valid and leads to the death of matter, atoms and neutrinos as well as biological systems like human beings. The question is, why is that the case?

Here, quantum physics provides an interesting answer, which was also incorporated into the development of the magnet field therapy. Simply put, on an atomic level, the energetic consistency and therefore, the proportion of positively charged right-spinning protons to negatively charged left-spinning electrons is relevant to the disintegration and aging process.

In general, disintegration processes are the result of a slowing down of positive right spinning protons and an acceleration of negative left-spinning electrons. This is also true for biological system like human beings and would explain the aging process on an atomic level.

The magnet field therapy counteracts this process. During the regeneration process, a special technique using silcium, performs a gentle, coherent protonspin manipulation, which activates the protons of the human body and animates them to spin faster again. The result is an anti-aging process.

Bio-physicists, like Albert Popp, to day already show how important the role of physics will be in the field of medicine in the future. Today's medicine is based on visible factors. We base our research much deeper on the basic module of biological systems, on a quantum physical, atomic level.

More about at and many physio therapists offer those treatments.

By knowing about the wonderful effects of magnet field therapy, I decide to act as editor to bring the knowledge to others who may need it for their further health treatments.

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