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The Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY Aerial Installation

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 125

Many people wishing to watch freeview TV in the UK probably wonder how hard it is to install their own digital TV aerial. Here are the facts.

Aerial installation can be extremely easy in some cases in others next to impossible without professional equipment and knowledge in others.

First we'll assume that you have ladders and roof ladders and are good with heights.

The case is if your fortunate enough to find yourself reasonably close to the transmitter you are trying to receive your freeview signal from and know the direction the aerial needs to point, or even luckier to be able to see the transmitter from your property then you are over the first hurdle of which direction to point the aerial and probably a small standard aerial will suffice.

The problem comes when as you get further away from the desired transmitter the signal becomes weaker and hence pointing the aerial in exactly the right direction becomes harder without specialised professional RF signal meters. Combine this with the many various aerial types available for purchase from set top and indoor aerials to extra high gain aerials with amplification.

How do you find the right one for you? Most people would normally just buy the biggest one they can and hope it works. Well this is not the case as too strong a signal can be just as bad for picture quality as a poor signal can be. You can look to see what professional installers have done on your neighbour's roofs and try to emulate this but in my experience this is very rarely accurate.

So when you combine the factors of needing ladders, and other tools, choosing which aerial, whether to amplify or not, which direction to point the aerial as well as splitting the cable and signal to multiple rooms also decreases signal, add to this signal loss from of the length the cable runs it makes a DIY install very difficult without knowing the how strong a signal you are receiving and which equipment to use.

I have been working with aerials and satellites for many years I have seen so many people try and fail with their DIY TV aerial installation and have seen some terrible DIY installations from tying an aerial to a chimney with rope to someone who didn't know how to split the aerial cable and so bought and attempted to install 4 identical aerials on his roof 1 for each room.

In summary unless you are lucky enough to live next door to a transmitter it is advised to use a professional aerial installation company to install your digital TV aerial, and will save you pulling out your hair when you sit down to watch Eastenders of an evening and your TV picture is unwatchable.

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