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High Definition TV - Is There a Need?

January 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 198

The HD TV (High Definition TV) is catching the imaginations of users worldwide, and most homes in the US like elsewhere are increasingly opting to buy one for their homes. Prices of HD has fallen over the years dramatically; 30% and even more. If you are one of those who are planning to go for HD, there are a few things that you will need to understand before you take the final plunge.

Before you take that final decision, ensure that you understand what HD is all about and the various terminologies that go along with the marketing of HD by the various companies. Understanding the terminologies will help you choose the best within the budget you have in mind, without the bells and whistles that make little sense for those who want value for money.

First let's understand what digital cable is. The signals that we receive over the satellite or cable are all digital, remember, and there are three types to it: Standard, Enhanced and High Definition. What separates them however is the resolution that gives quality to the picture. For standard, it is 480i, Enhanced 480p, and for HD 720p and 1080i. Do you see the 'i and p' next to the numbers? The 'i' stands for interlaced and 'p' for progressive. Interlaced and progressive are the two techniques that are used for sending out signals to the television whether it comes from a satellite or cable. The larger the number, the superior is the quality of the picture you will see on your television.

Then there is the other point that you will do well to understand; the aspect ratio of the transmission and that refers to the ratio between the length of the image and the width. For HD, it is typically 16:9. However, you can still enjoy an HD on an HD TV with a ratio of 4:3 by making some adjustments. To enjoy all the benefits of HD, you will need to have an HD-ready TV. And that is not to say that you cannot watch HD program on a non-HD TV; the HD effect will not be perceptible, and that is all to it. You should still be able to watch everything as usual, be assured.

Not all cable programs are HD. In fact there are many non-HD programs that HD channels run. So you will first have to check if the program is being run on HD to ensure that you are watching HD. That you can do by looking at the channel lineup that cable or satellite TV companies provide on their menu. Pick and choose those under HD and you will have HD running on your HD TV.

One of the common terms you will come across when you try subscribing to cable or satellite TV is pay-per-view option. Channels run program continuously, but even the most profuse viewers will not find enough time to watch all of them, so it does not make sense to have a full subscription and therefore a pay-per-view is a good option where you pay only for what you see, and only once, remember. And that is a good way to save on subscription. But not all channels are open to such arrangements; often the programs under this category may be restricted.

Don't be too confused if you don't understand what DVRs are - In its simplest form a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is a feature in the set-top box that you can program it to make a recording of your favorite program unattended. The Home Media DVR is an extension of DVR, and a multimedia at that to be precise. It will let you play more than one TV at a time simultaneously, record programs in your absence, link to a computer and if you have a bundled connection you can even use the internet and a home phone all simultaneously of course.

Being a freelance writer I never miss the opportunity to share my ideas over internet. Subscribing to a high definition connection like Verizon FiOS TV is easier these days, but you have to be cautious in choosing your channel packages.

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