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Save on Satellite Radio and Any Other Monthly Services!

March 28, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 158

As I sat on hold with SiriusXm Radio last night, I thought I would drop some knowledge on how to get the absolute BEST deals on satellite radio. I renewed my 2 satellite radios and this is how I get my service for more than half off the normal monthly rate. Follow these steps and I can almost guarantee you that you will save money and/or get them to throw in some freebies to keep you happy.

If you are a current customer, ask to speak to the Cancellation Department. BE NICE about it, but tell them you only want to speak with the Cancellation Department.If not a current customer, use the tactics below for getting a new account also. Just do this with regular Customer Service person.Once you get to these people, rule number 1 is to be NICE. Remember they are people too so treat them with kindness and keep it lighthearted. I am sure 90% of the people they talk to are angry, frustrated or just plain a-holes. Don't be a 90%.Don't forget to smile while you are talking, this is a tried and true method that makes your tone over the phone much more upbeat and friendly.Use their first name when talking to them. This is Sales 101. We all like to hear our names and I bet over 90% of the people never take the time to use the Reps. name.I usually start off by saying, "Ok, Rep.'s name, are you ready to play, Let's make a deal, tonight?" This almost always gets a laugh and starts off the conversation on a friendly tone. If they don't laugh, oh well, they must be lame.Explain to them that you really want to keep the service but you need a super good deal to make it happen. Remind them how long you have been a customer and if you can afford it, tell them that if you make a deal, you can pay for the full year while on the phone.Don't get frustrated and start threatening. Kill them with kindness if you want to end the call with a few extra bucks in your pocket. Take your time and remember, he who speaks first, loses. By that I mean ask for something then shut up, do not say anything and even though it is awkward silence, they will eventually start talking to break the silence. This also works if they offer you a deal that you feel is not any good.

Not only does this work for radio providers, it also works well for Cell Phone providers. I have Sprint and I have received countless credits on my account, free smartphones, free extra line added to my account with a free BlackBerry thrown in to use on it and free monthly bonus minutes and texts added to my monthly plan. 

***BTW, I finished up with my wonderful Cancellation Rep. and she gave me another full year for $31.08 less than I paid last year! Cha-Ching!

Chad M. Pierce is the Chief Savings Officer @ Chad Pierce is known by friends and family as the go to guy for his great money saving ideas and ability to find the best deals on the internet. To see more money saving articles and the best deals on the internet...Check out

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