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Why Do Office Managers Hire One Cleaning Service Over Another

May 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 270

It is helpful to any commercial cleaning company to know what an office manager is looking for when hiring an office cleaning service.

An office manager must consider the budget they have to work with. What's the best office cleaning company they can hire to do the best job for the money. Most offices prefer hiring a professional commercial cleaning company because the owner of the cleaning company handles his/her own payroll taxes for its employees, Plus, having an outside service saves the office workers from doing the cleaning themselves.

It may seem obvious but you want to come across as professional in all your communication with an office manager or decision maker. Do this with the paperwork that you use, your bid and any letters you may mail to them. Do this in your appearance in how you dress when you see them in person and in your manors when speaking with them on the phone. Do this in the persistence you show in trying to earn their business. These are the things that will make you stand out from others and get noticed and be favored over other cleaning companies who may have bid on the job or want to do so.

Office managers want to know if you are licensed and insured. Bonding is only required by City, government buildings, and banks. A regular insurance policy will protect you and your employees as well as the office if any kind of accident were to happen.

If there is an accident of some kind while cleaning an office such as breaking a lamp or a glass top table, you want to be insured to help with the cost of replacing it. They want you insured too, so it is best to be prepared to show proof of this if asked.

Security is a concern for decision makers. After all, your service is provided indoors and you will be given a key to their office. Bring this up and discuss the security factor by pointing out to them that you double check all doors before leaving and that you call them if there is anything unusual to report. Always ask for an emergency after hours phone number to keep on file. Tell the office manager that you are very particular about whom you hire to work for you and that you hire only reliable people.

People like having a choice and you can give it to them. It is for this reason that it is best to offer them two different prices for two different cleaning arrangements. One price for a full-cleaning to be done every time your cleaning service is there. The other price for a light-cleaning / full-cleaning schedule in which case a full- cleaning would only get done every other time or whatever they prefer. Instead of a full-cleaning getting done all the time, a light-cleaning consist of getting the trash only. Instead of having a full-cleaning done every time, you can reduce their monthly cost for cleaning and earn their business as a result. Also, ask if there is anything else the manager would like done that is not spelled out in your service agreement. If you are willing to do extras, then it makes your service more valuable to the decision maker.

Let the manager know that if extra services are needed that you will be the one to take care of it for them such as contracting out a professional carpet cleaning service, floor care service, or window washing service. This way you will be perceived as a full-service cleaning company and save them the trouble of looking elsewhere when these occasional jobs need to be done.

Green cleaning is very popular now. This is something you can offer the office.

Not only are green cleaning products better for the environment, but also for the employees and clients health. Green cleaning products are free of toxins and chemicals and they are bio-degradable. Also, always tell the manager that if they are not happy with your cleaning service, they can cancel it with a one month notice. This way they won't feel pressured and bound to a contract that they can't get out of.

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