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What Do We Do With Low Performers?

May 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 73

Low Performers...

Why do so many organizations wait so long to deal with "Low Performers" on their sales teams? As a professional sales coach....I ask myself the same question all the time. The only answer I can really come up with is; they don't really know how to deal with them and get them motivated. Most companies believe that the sales manager should be able to transfer his or her skills to the underperforming reps by going out on the road with them and "coaching" them so to speak. Really? I mean Really??? Can that really happen?

You can't motivate someone who is not able...

Trying to tell someone to sell more, prospect more or even try harder is completely ineffective. I once had a sales manager years ago who came out on the road with me for a half day to "assess" my skills. First of all, do you really think I am going to take that manager to see clients or prospects that I'm not getting any business from? Of course not, I'm going to take him to see the people that like me, who are very satisfied with our organization, and people who will say good things about me to him. Why in the world would I ever take him to accounts that are disrespectful with my time, who stand me up, who are not doing business with us for whatever reason? Anyway, to make a long story short, after our "half-day" was over his advice to me was this... "You're doing great Tim, keep it up. If anyone can do it on this team...youcan." Again...really??? That was his best words of wisdom to a young upcoming salesman. Thank goodness I didn't work for that company very long, who knows how bad I may have actually become had I stayed!

Things don't fix themselves...

Don't try to be a hero. If someone is underperforming on your team, you've got to think of several things before letting them go. First of all, did you hire them or did you inherit them? If you hired them, then you should have had them assessed more carefully before simply taking their word on being successful. Secondly if you inherited them, then you should have had them assessed fact you should have ran your whole team through an assessment to measure skill gaps before even contemplating taking the job. Let me ask you this...would you buy a used car from a complete stranger without having it checked out first? Would you buy a previously owned home 10 years or older from a complete stranger without a home inspection first? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you shouldclose this newsletter, but if you answered "no or never" to them, keep reading, there's hope for you yet!

Even if your team is not sick, an annual check-up is a good idea...

You might have a great team and you might have a few people underperforming. Overall, your team is meeting now what? Keep chugging along and keep doing what you've always been doing and hope that no one gets "sick" on your team. That's an option, but is it really a feasible one? Would you treat your car like that? I don't think so. Experience and many costly repairs to your vehicles over time has taught you to be proactive and understand the meaning of "preventative maintenance". What about your body? Would you not get a yearly check-up even if you're healthy? Most people who get seriously ill always ask themselves why they waited so long to get something checked out. See...the simple things are the things we need to pay attention to in life. The big things will get attention regardless of whether we want to grant them attention or not. Getting your team's skill gaps assessed every year is a simple, yet smart thing to do. It costs very little when you weigh it against the cost of lost sales and profit.

Start with a skill gap assessment...

Have yourself a great selling day.

Tim O'Brien

Founder- Sales Factor Enterprises.

If you do nothing else for your team and your company this year; conduct a Sales Factor skill gap assessment. It costs less than $200 per person, which is a very inexpensive price to pay to assess the key elements and skill gaps of each person on your team. Discovering these skill gaps will then determine the specific training required to improve performance and ultimately sales. Even if you chose not to train them, it gives you a road map to coaching these low performers more accurately and effectively. Take my advice and contact me, don't wait until someone on your team gets "sick" with their sales. Contact us at to get your assessment started today.

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