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Explore Transforming From Outside Sales to Telesales

April 01, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 104

Transforming your team from outside sales to telesales:

The ability to adapt to the conditions we face may be the only thing that keeps us alive. During these troubled and changing times you must have the ability to learn at a very fast pace. The age of the computer and internet has been ongoing now for over thirty years and it's not looking back.

Going from one form of sales to another requires very different tools and skills. In outside sales your ability to use your physical traits such as a warm smile, firm hand shake or silly expression are all powerful tools. The personal traits that we reference to as being full of "piss and vinegar" don't mean as much today as in the good old days. Many experts teach you to look into a customer's eyes and hold their arm as a symbol of honesty and integrity. In telesales those tools are gone; the ability to communicate is strictly by voice reflections and the written words in text and e-mails.

No longer do you have a choice, becoming a telesales rep is a necessary tool that will help your future employment in sales. While fuel prices and the cost of doing business continue to skyrocket, the cost to sell by telephone has been dramatically reduced. The internet and mobile phone have completely revolutionized the way sales are conducted today! Outside sales has been replaced by web-sites, lead generation software, Facebook and Twitter. The ability to post videos of sales presentations, information, and products on YouTube is simple and extremely fast, this is a must for the new sales techniques.

Telesales will allow you to extend your career, embracing the change from outside sales is a must. No longer will you physically go out and visit your customer, your customer is but a phone call away. You can send him a quote,proposal,or new bit of product information with a click of a mouse. No longer will you have to sit in a lobby and wait endlessly for your customer to "see you now"! The days of dragging and carrying catalogs and brochures up flights of stairs and elevators are over, a virtual catalog is online or sent via PDF file directly to them. Promotional flyers, newsletters and sales letters, are now included in power point presentations and videos and streamlined directly to customers anywhere in the world!

The results have been proven; whether your business is selling appliance, electronics, plants or even office furniture, The new way is better of sales is better, quicker and more efficient. Sales are now conducted world-wide and the cost of the sales have been reduced to almost nothing. A great web-site and a tremendous inside telesales force will bring you an ability to sell your products to the anyone in the country and beyond. As someone once said "GO FOR IT".

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