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Sailing in Greece - Destination Ionian Islands

May 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 117

The Ionian islands are a fantastic destination for people who want to combine their sailing in Greece holidays together with gourmet food and luxurious services. The Ionian sea is different than the Aegean as it is deeper, colder and darker in color. It is certain that you will make some of the best dives of your life! Also, the Ionian islands are very popular among sailors and skippers because Greeks and Italians have been sailing there from many years ago.

They are a destination which will have its own place in your heart forever. Scuba diving is quite popular in the Ionian sea as the underwater views are uniquely terrific. Kerkyra (Corfu) is, perhaps, the most popular of the seven Ionian islands as tourists from all around the world keep arriving there in thousands every year. Luxurious hotel accommodation and many kilometers of seashore around Corfu are the main attractions of this magnificent island. There are bars, clubs, cafes, beach-bars, tavernas and restaurants all around the island. Places that you have already visited and you will visit again at the first chance, because of the state of the art services offered. The Easter time is very popular in Corfu as there are numerous attractions to make you get there every year to celebrate the Greek Orthodox Easter in a traditional way. The experience is fantastic as the municipality band keeps playing religious music all week long.

Paxos complex are not very well known to everyone because they are just a small island complex underneath Corfu. The two main islands of the complex are Paxos and Antipaxos. Both of them are a sailing destination and an unforgettable experience. The beauty of nature is tremendous as both islands are covered with plants, having only the sea flowing between them. The Italians know Paxos complex very well as they visit them every year and because they are ideal for yachts. The only way to go all around these two islands and visit places not accessible by foot or wheels, is a boat. With your own or a rented boat you will arrive at small beaches of almost virgin nature. You can visit a different one every day! The trip from Paxos to Antipaxos is a must and it can be done only by boat. Both islands have very narrow roads with limited accessibility to the few small villages around. Most things needed can be found at the port which is very well organized and ready to serve the needs of the incoming sailors. Avoid travelling to Paxos and Antipaxos during the peak season because the islands are small and they can get very crowded. Arrange your sailing holidays in June or September as that's when you can really enjoy all that there is.

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