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Seven Tips for Choosing the Proper Storage Solution for Your RV

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 129

If you own a recreational vehicle, motorcoach, boat or even a car that you need to sock away for a while, there are many storage options available. The two biggest distinctions, of course, are between indoor and outdoor storage. Depending on where you live (and on your budget and other considerations), outdoor on your own land or on someone else's property might just do the job for you at a low or no cost.

But remember--your RV, boat or other vehicle represents a fairly major investment, one that you'll want to protect and preserve, structurally and value-wise, for as long as you can. With that in mind, you should consider these factors when choosing your storage facility or location:

1) Price and contract/no contract: Price is obviously a factor unless you're stowing your vehicle on your own land (which may not be the safest option but obviously is the cheapest). You have to be able to budget for and afford the storage arrangement. Another is whether the storage facility is forcing you to take a long-term contract or letting you store month to month. And related to this is the stability of the facility. How long has it been operating? Some property owners will open up their structures and lots for storage while they seek a long-term lease, at which point they'll give you a few days or hours advance notice for you to move out. Do your due diligence.

2) Safety: Indoor, securely locked-up facilities definitely have an edge on outdoor facilities that are merely fenced in, no matter how secure and inaccessible the perimeter defenses look.

3) Security: Going hand in hand with safety is the issue of security. Is the facility staffed and/or patrolled 24/7? Are there adequate alarm systems in place? Security cameras? Computerized gate access?

4) Space: You'll want to make sure the location you choose has plenty of room for your RV or boat so that it won't be stacked up against another vehicle with little room for you to get to it when you need to do so.

5) Additional Protections: If it's an outdoor facility, do they tarp your vehicle or provide overhead awnings? If it's indoor, do they have a maintenance crew on hand to check your vehicle, charge the battery, rotate tires and so on?

6) Precaution: Here we're speaking mechanical precautions such as draining the fuel or water from your RV to prevent the risk of fire, corrosion or other calamities that can be avoided. Is there a staff on hand to do all this for you?

7) Accessibility: Here not only is location important, but so are entry and exit schedules (24/7 is obviously best), plus any added services such as pick up and delivery of your RV, boat, car or other vehicle.

If you're in the Corona area of California, or anywhere near, check out Premier Indoor Storage and run this seven-step test while touring the five-acre facility. You'll be glad you did.

Gary McCarty is an author and freelancer living and working in Los Angeles.

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