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RV Generator Controller System

May 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 194

Some RV generators can take advantage of a controller system that allows the owner to remotely operate the power unit. This is important because many times a genset may be installed in a compartment and the operator may need access to more than just an on/off switch during the time when the generator is being used in the field. The convenience products like an energy command center can bring are exceptional.

Many manufacturers now are offering mechanisms where various aspects of the generator can be changed from a low cost but very high value management enhancement. Some of these benefits are listed out below. In the energy control field there are items available such as automatic power activation in order to meet air conditioning needs. A look ahead device that will control when to add a little extra right before a timed shut down like quiet periods. A feature that keeps track of the batteries and will send power over to the inverter when it is time to charge the batteries. A battery status report can be made available in order to check the overall performance metrics. These command modules may also monitor changes in the system energy peaks and will meet these power times by managing run time in order to decrease wear on the generator itself.

These command modules will many times display information about needed service and maintenance timing. They can even send out text message reminders in order to keep the owner up to speed on the latest updates. How's that for a worthwhile component? This will save generator owners time and frustration by automatically addressing trouble shooting issues long before they become a major issue. The command system can also disengage a start-up if an unsafe situation exists. Imagine having the peace of mind that the generator for RV use itself will not turn on if there is a problem, or potential problem, with the system.

Some command units are also wireless. This unit can mount on the side of the RV wall or it can be moved around where you move. These also have automatic charging periods and auto turn on if main power is lost. There is a feature for programmable times for a quiet period. Included, as well, is an hour meter that is digital, a start and stop switch with a digital display. If there is a full or low battery an automatic switch will take place. Lots of memory available for programming and multiple entries.

The ability to access RV generator information and control the unit from anywhere is making a strong push. This is good news for anyone interested in buying a generator for RV use.

RV generators like the Onan and Generac brand units can bring comfort and convenience to any camping vacation. Generators for RV use come in many different sizes and applications. Find which one works best for you.

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